All the Audio Goodness

I have good news!

We’ve had a whole lotta audio books go live all at once.

These are the bundle collections that we’ve been waiting on since MAY! They are now live.

Thanks for your patience in waiting for all these lovely pieces to come out. They are they last audios that were created by our beloved Kenneth Obi before his passing earlier this summer.

But a lot of audio listeners are wondering what to buy, how to get all the stories they have been dying to hear.

Let me see if I can help to clear things up a little bit by listing what’s available, what you get in the bundles, and what we’re still waiting on!

Individual Books

Special Edition Bundles

  • Lucas & Andrei – comes with Shiver AND Unbreakable Stories: Lucas
  • Snow & Jude – comes with Shatter AND Unbreakable Stories: Snow

Mega Book Bundles

What Hasn’t Been Recorded Yet

As you may have heard, our narrator Kenneth Obi passed away earlier this year. We are incredibly sadden by his passing .He was wonderful to work with.

We had a lot of big plans for future projects and many things in the works. Before his passing we were unable to record:

  • Unbreakable Stories: Rowe
  • Unbreakable Stories: Ian
  • Killer Bond
  • Something About Jace
  • All For Wesley
  • Broken Warrior

Later this year, we will begin the search for a new narrator to take over our books. As soon as we’ve made a decision and develop a schedule, we will be sharing the news with readers!

Thanks again for all your patience and support!

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  1. Hello, can you tell us if there will ever be an audiobook for the last book of the Dark Days series Burn The Night?

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, my publisher owns the audio rights to that book and they have not expressed an interest in producing the final audio book for the series. If that should change, I will make an announcement. Thanks!

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