Order Signed Copies of Godstone and Exit Strategy books

It’s time to start Phase 2 of the great Sign ‘N’ Ship!

I’ve got a big stack of Lords of Discord books going out this weekend and I should be finishing up the last of the orders in the next week or so. I’m ready to take orders for the Godstone Saga and the Exit Strategy series.

(I am not currently doing the Shadow Elite. I’m going to wait to do a Sign N Ship for that series when it is complete. At that time, I will also do the Ice & Snow Christmas series.)

Each of the Exit Strategy books cost $15.00. The entire set of 5 books is $75. If you are US domestic, the $15 per book will cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Each of the Godstone Saga books cost $18. The entire set of 6 books is $108. If you are US domestic, the $18 per book will cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Each order will include bonus swag such as postcards, stickers, and bookmarks. 

If you are an international reader, there will be an additional shipping fee. I will be determining these individually with each order. You will see the shipping cost when I send you the invoice for the order.

If you would like to avoid paying costly international shipping, you can request free bookplates to place in your books. This form is good for US and international readers: https://forms.gle/o4tvvwvxucC7FArs9

The order form will close on SEPTEMBER 16!

Click here to see the form to order copies of the Godstone Saga and/or the Exit Strategy Series.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Order Signed Copies of Godstone and Exit Strategy books”

  1. Reading Charlie’s Doctor. Pho is Vietnamese, not Thai. As in, completely different country and culture. Why have you you served Pho in a Thai restaurant? There are traditional Thai soups. It would take a bare minimum of research to get this right. Instead I’m subjected to a scene where they repeatedly talk about the Pho.

    Never mind why they are eating “Thai” in South America. Was looking uo local delicacies also too hard for you? WTF?

    IT has completely thrown me out of the whole storyline. Because this is the sort of error that is just dumb and unnecessary and jarring. Fix it. If you want Thai soup, it’s Tom Yum, or more to a Vietnamese restaurant. Particularly since you haven’t named any of the dishes except the one that is incorrect. I dint know what you are trying to achieve but it’s a huge fail. You clearly know nothing about the chine so why choose that, and disrespect it by screwing it up? Really disappointed in you as an author right now.

    1. Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. I am so sorry that I made that mistake and the disrespect was not intention. I recognize that my apology does not erase the pain I have caused you. I promise to try harder in the future. The book has been updated thanks to your help.

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