Dark Days Series

The Dark Days series follows the adventures of a fire-wielding nightwalker named Mira and her unlikely companion, a nightwalker hunter named Danaus. They take on all who are trying to destroy them and the world they treasure.

Lost Nights Series

This series is a spin-off from the Dark Days series focusing on some of the favorite main characters and giving them their own books. I’ve only completed the first book in this brief series, but hope to return to it eventually.

The Asylum Tales

Now for something completely different…

Welcome to the world of the Asylum Tales, where all the magical creatures are attempting to live in harmony together and out in the open with humans. It doesn’t always go so great.

The series follows the adventures of warlock-turned-tattoo artist Gage as he tries to just live a normal life without anyone discovering that he’s a warlock, since they’re the ones trying to make life hell on everyone else.