The Special Edition Series

Do you know about our Unbreakable Bonds Special Edition series?

Now that we’ve officially finished the series at long last, we thought we could come out with four Special Edition copies.

There is no new content in the books. These books are intended for either brand new readers to the series or for hardcore fans who are looking for a special keeper book for the shelves.

Each book contains the first full-length novel for the a couple along with their matching short story collection.

For instance, Lucas & Andrei contains Shiver and Unbreakable Stories: Lucas in a single book. It is currently available in ebook , print, and audio.

Snow & Jude contains Shatter and Unbreakable Stories: Snow. It is available in ebook, print, and audio.

Rowe & Noah contains Torch and Unbreakable Stories: Rowe. It is currently available in ebook and print. We were unable to record the Rowe short stories before Kenneth’s unfortunate passing. We haven’t looked into recording the shorts yet.

And earlier this month, we released Ian & Hollis, which contains Devour and Unbreakable Stories: Ian. It is currently available in ebook and print. Like Rowe, we weren’t able to record Ian’s short stories before Kenneth’s passing.

We hope that you like the black and white covers and having the novels and short stories bundled together.

In terms of bundles, we also offer the Unbreakables Volume 1 (Shiver, Unbreakable Stories: Lucas, and Shatter) in ebook and audio. There is the Unbreakables Volume 2 (Unbreakable Stories: Snow, Torch, and Devour) is available in ebook and coming soon in audio.