A New Look for the Unbreakable Boys

Look what we did! Can you believe it? We got some new covers for all of the Unbreakable Bonds series.

Yep, Shiver released in October 2015, starting readers on an exciting adventure of car chases, explosions, shoot outs, and some very sexy times. (Remember “keep your hands on the glass”?)

Rinda and I thought after more than five years, it was time to give the entire series a lovely refresh to catch the eye of brand new readers.

We worked with the amazing Cate Ashwood to create covers that were faithful to our idea of what the Unbreakable Boys looked like. I gotta tell you, I think the covers are absolutely stunning.

Not only did we recover all eight novels, but we have also placed new covers on the four short story collections. We have also updated the audiobook covers.

If you’ve already purchased the ebooks for any or all of the Unbreakable Bonds series, the covers should automatically update within your ereader.

If you haven’t given the Unbreakable Bonds series a try yet, now is the PERFECT time to start reading. For a limited time, you can pick up Shiver for only $0.99. Yep, start reading this eight novel and four short story collection for less than a dollar. That’s a killer deal!

Plus, the entire series is in Kindle Unlimited. Now is the time to get your binge on!

And to help you make sure that you catch every novel and short story, we have come up with a Unbreakable Universe Reading Order. Read everything. Even the free stuff!

To keep the celebrations rolling, we are also having a party all week in our Unbreakable Readers Facebook Group. We’re going to have some fun giveaway so come join the fun!

Jump into the Unbreakable Bonds series and fall in love with Lucas, Snow, Rowe, Ian, Andrei, Jude, Noah, and Hollis. It’ll be a love affair that you never forget.

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  1. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the Unbreakable Bonds men I can honestly say I envy your first time with them. This series will take you into passionate romance, unquestioned friendships, adventure, playfulness and scare the crap outta ya! My favorite group of men and series of books in all of romance literature. I have read and re-read this series many times just to experience these emotions written at their absolute best.

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