Who Are The Weavers

The countdown is on for the release of the first book in our brand new series, The Weavers Circle.

And I’ve got a good guess at what you’re thinking.

Jocelynn, what the hell is a weaver? I’m pretty sure you’re not talking about someone who makes cloth or fancy tapestries.

You’d be right on that count.

A Weaver is another name for a type of witch or warlock. We’re talking magic.

In our new world, there are a grand total of six Weavers. Just six.

You see, the Weavers were born in response to an attack on the world. The planet was dying, and it was naturally taking humanity with it. The protectors of our world attempted to stop the attack on the world, but they weren’t strong enough. They needed help.

So… they selected six very good souls – souls of men who were honest, loyal, and brave. Each soul was gifted with a unique power.

The first Weaver that you meet is Clay Green. You might guess from the name that he has the power of the earth, and you’d be right. Clay can make the earth shake and rumble. He can also speak to the plants and trees. He’s got some incredible talents that he’s still learning.

He’s not the only Weaver that you mean in BROKEN WARRIOR. You will also meet Baer Manning and Grey Ackles, but I’m not going to reveal what their powers are. I’ll let you guess until the first book is released on April 24.

But Jocelynn, are these guys immortal?

Eh…yes and no.

I know, that’s not an answer. The protectors of the world selected six souls and those same six souls have been Weavers for millennia. However, if they are injured badly enough, they can die. The soul is then reborn into a new person. That person is now the new Weaver and has to find his Weaver brothers again.

The catch? (As if the whole rebirth thing wasn’t a big enough catch.) The reborn Weaver doesn’t remember his past lives.

That’s where we find Clay at the beginning of BROKEN WARRIOR, driving to cross the earth in search of something he can’t quite explain. That means you’ll be learning about this strange world right along with Clay. We can’t wait for you to meet Clay and all the other crazy characters in this series. Be sure to pre-order your copy of BROKEN WARRIOR now. Or you can sign up for our newsletter to get a reminder of when the book is released.