Let’s Talk Magic Systems

Rinda and I are about to head back into the paranormal world. Once we figured out the characters and the baddies, we had to figure out the magic system.

Magic in a book adds an element of the impossible. You never quite know what’s going to happen, and you know that I love when things go crazy.

One of the truly fun parts of writing a paranormal book is playing with the magic. Some books have only a tiny bit of magic, just little hints here and there to keep a reader guessing.

And then other books have magic getting flung about all over the place.

We wanted to find a good balance between smarts, craftiness, and magic.

With the Weavers, we wanted each of them to have very distinct types of power. As Rinda explained in the Why Paranormal blog, we have six different types of Weavers:

  • Earth Weaver
  • Animal Weaver
  • Soul Weaver
  • Fire Weaver
  • Water Weaver
  • Air Weaver

As you might guess, the magic powers for each Weaver is linked the type that they are. The first Weaver you will meet is Clay Green, the Earth Weaver.

When Clay figures out his powers, he learns that he has a deep connection to the earth. He can make the ground beneath your feet rattle, shake, and roll.

But it’s more than that. He can speak to the earth, hear its cries, and touch the plants that reach for the sky. They are all at his command and so much more.

For Clay, that’s only the beginning. As he spends more time with his powers and learns about his gift, the more he can do.

The fun part is that as the Weavers each gain their powers and learn what they can do, we’ll get to see them use their powers with each other. And I can’t wait for them to start pulling out the big guns.

Of course, the Weavers have to learn how to use their powers in the first place and not everything goes smoothly at first. In fact, if you ask Baer, things go really badly, especially when you mix alcohol and magic. Don’t miss it!

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