Where to Find the Free Stuff

I’ve picked up a lot of new readers recently (Hello new readers!) and I thought now was a good time to review all the FREE stuff and bonus stuff I have out there. (Because we all love free stuff.)

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Now let’s get to the free stuff!

Exit Strategy (Assassins in Love)

If you’ve read Forbidden Lover (book 4 of Exit Strategy), there are two bonus scenes for the book. You can read Scene #1 here and Scene #2 here.

Shadow Elite (Mercenaries in Love)

If you finished the series, you know there’s a bonus short story for Westin and Jin. You can read Westin’s Prince: Six Years Later here.

Godstone Saga (Gods, Dragons, and Chaos)

For my epic fantasy insanity, I wrote two bonus short stories – one for each of the couples. After you’ve finished reading the complete six-book series, be sure to grab:

A Dream

The Honeymoon Adventure

Wings ‘N’ Wands (Ice Dragons)

As a little connector between the Scales ‘N” Spells series (fire dragons) and the Wings ‘N’ Wands series (ice dragons), AJ and I wrote a short story for Rodrigo and Cam’s grandmother Ha Na. Be sure to grab your copy of Dawn!

Weavers Circle (Warlocks and Goddesses)

For Wild Warrior, we actually had a fun idea for a “Lost Chapter” from a point of view different than the rest of the book. You can grab the Lost Chapter here.

Unbreakable Bonds (Found Family)

There are two free short stories for the Unbreakable Bonds series. I think we might have finally collected them in Between the Sheets, but I could wrong. (After 80+ books, my memory isn’t what it used to be.) But you can also find them here:

He’s Too Young – which falls between Devour and Blaze

The “No Boyfriends Allowed” Club – which comes after Rialto.

Love In Action (Actors in Love)

This one is my “secret” alter ego. My other pen name. I don’t talk too much about Koi. She’s shy. But she does have two books out and both books have a free short story.

Running Lines is the free short story for Ren’s Song.

Backstage Secrets is the free short story for Falling Like Snow.