Beware the Necromancer

Oh, Baby! Let’s talk witches.

In particular. let’s chat about a certain flirty, crazy, sassy necromancer who has the biggest crush on his grumpy next door neighbor.  Let’s talk about a necromancer who is a trouble magnet.

But then, so is his neighbor Nolan.

I am so excited to launch the disasters of necromancer Skylar Wallace. You might remember him from his brief appearance in “Gideon’s Ghost Story” from Visiting the Variks. 

Sky is back with Frank and a bunch of other underworld minions for crazy adventures and love.

Sky’s story will be told in a serial format, unfolding across four novella-length books. 

Ah! Ah! Ah! Don’t make that grumpy face or tell me that you don’t like serials. Not when I’m planning to give away the first book for FREE for approximately two weeks.

After the free period, the books will launch two weeks apart, so your summer is going to be filled with vampires, demons, shifters, witches, and underworld minions. It will be a summer of magic, chaos, and love!

Disaster #1: Fun with Family

Nolan is the hot but grumpy goth boy who lives across the street from perpetually sunny necromancer Sky. 

Nolan wants nothing to do with Sky.

That is until his older brother is on the run from a local vampire clan after he failed to deliver on a promise.

Nolan is about to learn that vampires, shifters, witches, and magic are very real. He needs an expert to guide him through this dangerous world.

It’s Sky’s time to shine!

And just maybe he can win the heart of a grumpy introvert. (Assuming he doesn’t scare the man to death first.)

Heads Up! I will be giving How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life: Disaster #1 for FREE on Prolific Works from June 28 – July 12. It will be the exact same book you see up for pre-order on Amazon, so you don’t have to pre-order it.

But you’ll want to pre-order Disaster #2 so you don’t miss a second of the chaos.

Disaster #2: Pet Problems

Nolan has been keeping a secret.

In his defense, he wasn’t sure if he could trust Sky at first.

And then, well…his life got pretty crazy for a while. He might have just forgotten.

But that secret has come calling and it’s about to take a big bite out of Nolan.

Of course, there’s no way Sky’s going to let anyone hurt his neighbor, friend, and possibly one-day baby daddy. He’s hitting back hard to keep Nolan safe. 

Even the roses are angry in this one. (Trust me. Beware of the roses.)

You can pre-order your copy here!

Disaster #3: Date Night

Date night! Date night!

It’s date night!

Life has settled down and Nolan has agreed to go on a date with Sky. There’s just one catch: Sky has to promise that it’s a totally normal, non-magical date.

I bet you can already see where this is going.

It would have been a totally normal, non-magical date if it weren’t for the purple fungus, a completely minor nonlethal mostly harmless but useful poisoning, and the pig.

Sigh…Will Nolan give him a second chance after this mess?

You can pre-order Disaster #3 here!

Disaster #4: Who Woke the Dead?
Something has escaped from the underworld!

Sky would like to point out that this is NOT his fault.

But, yes, something has escaped and it has all the dead crawling out of their graves. 

Naturally, the humans are freaking out. 

Except for the sexy one living across the street.

Nolan is ready to jump into the fray and help Sky round up the underworld fugitive. 

Sky’s going to need all the help he can get–not just from his coven but all the witches he can get his hands on.

You can pre-order Disaster #4 here!

Sound like a lot of fun?

Sky’s stories are low-angst insanity.  

Each of the novellas are approximately 30,000 words and will be available in ebook format. After all four books are out, I will release a compiled version in ebook, paperback, and possibly in hardback. The complete works version will be released within a week of the final disaster coming out.

And don’t forget that Sky’s adventures happen within the Lords of Discord world. As such, there’s a very good chance that a Varik or two will be making an appearance here and there. 

You don’t need to have read the Lords of Discord to follow the action in Sky’s books. However, if you’d like to know more about the vampires and their mates who will be making appearances, you can catch up here:

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Healing Aiden

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Happy reading!