Treat Your Ears!

It has been an insanely busy year in terms of audiobook releases.

After the passing of narrator Kenneth Obi, it was hard to jump back into creating more audiobooks. But after some searching and chatting with audiobook lovers, I think some great narrators to continue on the adventure.

At long last, all the audiobooks are out for the Lords of Discord with the amazing Kale Williams taking over the reins! Fall in love with the Variks all over again:

Claiming Marcus

Saving Rafe

Waking Bel

Embracing Winter

Healing Aiden

What’s more, Kale will be finishing up the Exit Strategy series this fall. Right now, you can listen to the first three books in the Exit Strategy Bundle. Yep, get 3 books with just 1 credit on audible. Stay tuned for more details on Forbidden Lover and Accidental Lover.

Turning to the Weavers Circle series, we’ve starting putting out those audiobooks with the talented Kirt Graves. 

Broken Warrior

Wild Warrior

And just this week, we had Blind Warrior released!

Tangled Warrior (book 4) is up for ebook pre-order right now and Kirt will start recording that audiobook in November.

And how about the dragons?

Yes! Origin, book 1 of the Scales ‘N’ Spells series, now has an audiobook! It was released earlier this month and was narrated by the lovely Joel Leslie.

Breath, Wish, and Blood are already in the works. We will be handing over Embers as soon as it gets through proofs. But the ebook is up for pre-order now and comes out September 10. 

We are using a production company to handle these audiobooks and they are hoping to release an audiobook for the series about every two months. Stay tuned for the pre-order for Breath

And yes, all the audiobooks now available have been whispersynced except for Blind Warrior (as if 8/26), but that should be updated any day now!