The Exit Strategy in Audio Book

It’s been a crazy ride the past several months of releasing books and audio books. Rinda and I have been pushing hard to get all the Unbreakable Bonds books out in audio for all of the lovers of that format.

However, I worry that my poor little Exit Strategy series has been lost in the shuffle. And no one wants to forget Justin and his grumpy G Love.

In case you missed it, I am happy to report that all three books are available in the audio book format. You can start listening to all of their adventures today!

Deadly Lover

Vengeful Lover

Final Lover

I am also excited to report that Kenneth and I will be starting to produce Claiming Marcus at the end of this month and following it up directly with book two of the Lords of Discord series, Saving Rafe, the next month. Rafe’s book doesn’t have a release day yet, but it is now with the editors. I’m thinking it will be out in late February or early March.

In addition, we are still hard at work on the audio books for the Unbreakable Bonds series. You can get all the details here.