2024 Sign N Ship and a Sneak Peek

After a lengthy break of warm weather, the snow has returned to Denver. While the dog is happy about this development, I’m not loving it quite as much. It’s pretty to look at, but I really have no desire to go out in it. I would much rather stay inside with some hot tea and my ereader.

The cold weather just means that it’s a good time to catch up on my reading, as well as writing.

I am currently down to the last half of Two Thousand Blades, book 3 of the Kings of Chaos series, while Two Thousand Tears, book 2, is with the proofer. We are right on schedule to have the book done for the March release.

At the same time, I am quietly making notes for two upcoming books. One is a secret project that I hope to share more about very soon and the other is a sort of future project that I’m hoping to squeeze into my schedule.

In the meantime, don’t forget that my Sign N Ship event is still going on. There is still plenty of time to place orders for signed books.

As a treat, I thought I would share a snippet from Two Thousand Tears. We are less than two months away now. Have you pre-ordered your copy?

Sneak Peek at Two Thousand Tears!

The crack of a branch snapping echoed through the nearly silent forest and Rei groaned loudly, letting out all of his frustration. It wasn’t fair. It was impossible to get enough Yiyi private time and he’d known the moment they’d left the car that they weren’t alone in the woods.

Stepping away from Yichen, he moved in front of the vampire as he turned to face the elf who’d stepped out of her hiding spot to confront them.

“Did you need to wait so long?” Rei grumbled.

“If I waited any longer, I’d start retching from your disgusting behavior,” she complained.

“Always a pleasure, Aire.” He chewed on the greeting, barely resisting the urge to shoot an arrow into the woman on principle alone. She’d knifed him a couple of times over the years in the name of supporting Trin. The only positive was that she was smart enough to avoid the critical areas. He tipped his head toward Yichen, who’d annoyingly stepped around him to stand on his left. “I don’t think you’ve been introduced. Prince Wu Yichen, this is Aire Bira, my half brother’s right hand. She’s also hopelessly in love with the idiot. Thankfully, Trin doesn’t possess enough brain cells to stand against the king and notice her lovesick looks. Otherwise, he would have already made a fearful mistake with her.”

A bright flush painted her pale cheeks, and her icy blue eyes widened for half a second before she unshouldered her bow and fired an arrow straight at his chest. He’d expected that. As she reached for her bow, he’d moved his right foot, preparing to pivot out of the way of the arrow’s flight.

But Yichen moved faster.

His blade flashed out as if by magic and deflected the arrow, stopping it from coming close to Rei. The vampire pointed the sword at Aire, eyes narrowed in deadly determination. “That was your one. You will not get another chance to harm him. You will be dead. I promise it.”


How could a person not swoon when a sexy, sword-wielding killer promised to protect them?

They were so fucking the moment they got home. He was willing to fuck Yichen right here in these woods, but yes, meeting. The end of the world. Killing his father. Blah. Blah. Blah. That had to come first.

Rei draped an arm across Yichen’s taut shoulders and rubbed his head on Yichen’s while the vampire stood almost statuelike, threatening the other elf. “Aire, dear, do you remember Yichen? This is my lover, my mate, my everything. You should keep that in mind when you threaten either of us.”

Harsh, high-pitched laughter broke from her as she placed her bow on her shoulder again. “You have tossed aside all your dignity. It was bad enough that you claimed him as a pet and then dared to protect him against your parents and the court. But now you’re saying he’s your mate? That’s too much.”

Rei’s smile didn’t waver under her mocking. What did he care of those who looked down on him? He’d found a happiness they would likely never know. He turned his head and brushed a kiss to the side of Yichen’s head. “It’s okay. She’s jealous. So jealous that if she doesn’t let it out as laughter, her self-loathing and rage will choke her.”

Aire’s laughter ended in a snarl, and she grabbed for her bow, but Yichen’s words halted her. “You’re wasting time. I believe Trin sent you to fetch us for our meeting. Complete your task,” he ordered.

It was a surprise that she didn’t spontaneously combust right there on the spot in her fury. But Yichen had a point. Trin had sent her to escort them to the meeting location.

“Fine,” she snarled and spun around.

Yichen didn’t lower his sword until she’d walked a short distance without glancing at them. Rei squeezed his shoulder and straightened to take the lead.

“I guess those old tales about elves being cold and emotionless were a bunch of bullshit,” Yichen muttered.

“Oh yeah, total bullshit. I’ve known plenty of elves who tried to pretend to be like that.” Rei snorted. “I just needed to find the right button to push. Turned them into frothing, incoherent goblins, hopping about in the biggest temper tantrum.”

“Had fun, didn’t you?”

“So much fun,” he said with a cackle that Yichen echoed.

“Which makes you a wicked imp.”

If you would like to catch up on the entire magical world I’ve created, here is a list of the linked series.

Everything started with the Lords of Discord. This is a six-book series that follows four vampire brothers and their father as they fight to protect their family and find love. The first book is Claiming Marcus. The series finishes with Visiting the Variks, a collection of short stories.

The novelette within the collection leads directly into the Princes of Mayhem series. The first book was released as a four-part serial, focused on the love affair of a sunshine-y necromancer and his grumpy goth next-door neighbor. The four parts of How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life can be read individually or gathered together in a single collection.

And finally, the necromancer story leads directly into the new Kings of Chaos series, which follows a new vampire clan after they arrive in America to reclaim their missing member. The first book is Two Thousand Dreams.