Sneak Peek at 2024

Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2024. I hope your holidays were merry, bright, and full of good books. Mine were blissfully quiet filled with books, cuddles, and some good TV.

I’m rested and I’m ready to attack 2024. And it’s going to be an interesting year because of the next BIG MOVE.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my husband and I “suffer” from a bit of wanderlust. In the 12+ years we’ve been together, we’ve moved from Kentucky to Wisconsin to South Florida to Colorado. Late in 2023, he turned to me and admitted that he’s ready to move again. This time, the plan is to move back east to Ohio to be closer to family.

What does that mean?

There are going to be some months where I’m getting very few words and there’s going to be some longer than usual gaps between books. But that’s to make sure you’re getting the very best stories despite the chaos.

But I still have lots of big plans for the year!

To start: A NEW SIGN N SHIP!

Would you like some signed hardbacks and paperbacks? Well, I have a lot in my personal stockpile that I’ll like to send to you rather than moving with me to Ohio.

So, in February and March, I will be taking orders for books. For now, I will be limiting this to just US shipping. No international. However, for international readers, I am willing to ship free signed bookplates.

The order form will appear in the newsletter and in my reader group in early February, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Audiobooks Are Back, Baby!

I’m planning to jump back into audiobooks after a short break in 2023. Podium (who has produced the Scales N Spells books and the Wings N Wands books I write with AJ Sherwood) has offered to produce the Kings of Chaos series. Kevin Shen has officially signed on as the narrator and I am so excited. I don’t have any release dates yet, but I will keep you updated when I hear things.

Also, the amazing Joel Leslie has agreed to narrate the the Necromancer Disasters. He will be starting those in late summer, so I think we’ll be looking at an early fall release for all 4 disasters and the complete works.

I know that leaves the last two books of the Exit Strategy series as well as the Shadow Elite series that needs to be narrated. But I have a plan for that…

A New Subscription Service!

My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to kick this off in 2024. It might be pushed back if I can’t give it my full attention, but I’m hoping it’s possible.

I am looking into/researching/planning to launch a subscription service (aka Patreon or Ream).


Two big reasons, actually.

One: This will give me a chance to interact more with readers. Subscribers will get advanced access to chapter, behind the scenes look at the chaos of creating a book, bonus scenes, fun snippets and (I hope) pretty art. I’m addicted to pretty art postcards and stickers. I will still be active in social media and in my Facebook group, but I don’t have to rely on those algorithms to show fun things. Following me on those subscriptions sites guarantee you get direct access to the good stuff.

Two: Audiobooks are expensive to produce. That’s not a complaint. (My complaint is that I’m not fairly paid through Audible for my audiobooks.)

Back to the point, Jocelynn…

Narrators are worth every cent they are paid. They are amazing artists who breathe new life into books. They are helping to create art and I want to support that. I also want to bring you the best piece of art I can by writing awesome books and working with outstanding narrators.

Where am I going with this? I want to use the money I make from subscription services to help pay for audiobooks.

See? Smart plan. Subscription service gets up and running and it helps to pay for audiobooks for Exit Strategy, Shadow Elite, Royal Tea, and sooo much more!

Great idea, right?

The Books!

This is why everyone is here in the first place. What about the books in 2024?

FIRST, I have a novelette appearing in the new Heart 2 Heart anthology (contemporary romance edition). It will be out February 2. This collection is around for only 90 days. Make sure you pre-order your copy now so you don’t miss out on it. Plus, be sure to grab the paranormal romance Heart 2 Heart Anthology at the same time!

Kings of Chaos (vampires) will be finished in 2024. Two Thousand Dreams is out now and Two Thousand Tears is with the editors. It is on schedule to be released on March 22. Before that book is released, my editors will have Two Thousand Blades in their hot hands and it will likely be released in May.

The final two books of the series will follow a little later in the year.


Because in May, I will be writing the final Wings N Wands book (Soar) with AJ for an October release. (Though, secretly, we are hoping to move it a little sooner.) While it’s sad to be leaving all the dragons, we have something insanely fun planned for 2025. Don’t worry. We got you.

I am also taking part in this fun fantasy/paranormal series with a bunch of awesome authors. I will be writing a stand-alone novel for that, which will be released in August.

And to finish the year? How about some Royal Tea?

I’ll be returning to the Shadow Elite boys and the royal family you meet in Westin’s Prince. I am writing a fun trilogy about the members of the royal family finding love…and some chaos. Yes, there will be cameo appearances. I doubt I could keep Alexei from sticking his nose into this.

In summary:

1 contemporary romance novelette in Heart 2 Heart Anthology

4 Kings of Chaos books

1 Wings N Wands book

1 stand-alone fantasy/paranormal book

and at least 1 Royal Tea book

Plus Sign N Ship!

Plus audiobooks!

Plus maybe a subscription service!

Plus a cross-country move!

It’s going to be a great, fun year. As you might expect, all of this subject to change in case unplanned insanity breaks out. Just keep reading the newsletter for regular updates.

And finally, a big thanks for following me into 2024. Let’s make it a great year.

Happy reading,