Tangled Warriors Is Out!

I can’t believe it!

The fourth book of the Weavers Circle is now available!

This installment of the series was supposed to be Lucien’s book alone, but Lucien wasn’t talking to us.

We actually had to step away from the series briefly to figure out where the story was going to go next.

When Lucien finally admitted that he had two mates and that one of them was the Water Weaver, Calder, all the rest of the book sort of fell into place.

Yep, Tangled Warriors is an MMM and we are very excited for you to fall in love with Lucien, Calder, AND Gio.

If you’ve not checked out the book yet, here’s a description:

Lucien Cummings

The pestilents are trying to kill him.

He’s pretty sure the Water Weaver wants to kill him as well.

But after two months of fighting an attraction for a man who couldn’t possibly be his mate, Lucien cracks when he’s pulled into an impulsive threesome with Calder and a sexy man they picked up in a bar.

That night was earth shattering.

And now he needs to figure out how to keep both men safe and his.

Calder Saito

Calder doesn’t want to fight his attraction for the Fire Weaver any longer, but they can’t really be soul mates, right?

And what about Gio? The sexy man gives him such a feeling of completeness and peace.

Could one man really have two soul mates?

Gio Russo

Can’t he just have them both?

Tangled Warriors is the fourth book in the Weavers Circle series. This MMM paranormal romance includes fast-paced action, running through Savannah, secrets, shapeshifting, kidnapping, deadly Girl Scouts, sexy times, insecurity, three crazy old ladies, soul mates, and magic!

We are currently hard at work on the fifth and final book in the Weavers Circle series and it should be out this winter.

If you’ve not read the series yet, here is the reading order:

Broken Warrior

Wild Warrior

Blind Warrior

Tangled Warriors

What’s more, the first three books have been released on audiobook and were narrated by the amazing Kirt Graves.

Broken Warrior audiobook

Wild Warrior audiobook

Blind Warrior audiobook

Kirt begins work on Tangled Warriors this fall.

Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Tangled Warriors Is Out!”

  1. Is this the final book in the series? I really want to read them but I hate getting to the final book yo find out there will be more. I like having a bit of a heads up.

    1. There is one more book to come. We are writing it now and it should be out in December/January.

  2. This is an absolutely impeccable series. My heart races with each turn of a page. It’s truly magnificent! Thank You for saying yes to your life’s journey and impacting mine. OX JohnnyBear

  3. Are you still planning on having the final book out in December/ January? I am so excited for it!

    1. Yes, the book goes to the editors in a couple of weeks and we are aiming for a mid-January release for the final book. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! Thanks!

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