New Books to Close 2020

As we race toward the end of the year, I thought I’d give a quick overview of what’s coming your way so you can mark your calendar. Trust me, you’re gonna want to plan out our reading time for all this fun stuff.

Let’s get to it!

DRAGONS – yeah, I’ve always wanted to write something with dragons and the opportunity finally shoved up when I decided to team up with AJ Sherwood. The first book of our new Scales N’ Spells series —ORIGIN— will be out on October 2. We are not planning to do a pre-order for this one, but there will be social media posts and newsletter goodness. You can put it on your Goodreads To-Read list right now!

In the meantime, AJ and I are working on the second book to the series, which should be out in early December. What’s more, we are also working on a special little something dragon related to be released in January. To keep up on all that dragon-related news, sign up for my newsletter here. (If you’re already getting the Drake & Elliott newsletter, you’re covered.)

VAMPIRES – Yes, my heart is breaking too. I don’t want to say goodbye to the Variks either. But if I don’t close out a series, then I never get to move on to new and fun things like dragons or warlocks or mercenaries (more on that in a moment. HEALING AIDEN will be out October 9. You can pre-order your copy now. If you haven’t started reading the series, now is the perfect time to jump into the previous four novels. Start reading now!

WEAVERS – I feel like we just released WILD WARRIOR and we’re already focused on the next book! But Rinda and I are finishing up our edits on BLIND WARRIOR right now. Grey’s book moves on to the editors next week and we’re looking at an early November release. We will be providing a pre-order for the book so be ready! You can read the first two books here.

UNBREAKABLE B – This short story has been free to readers for nearly a year and it’s time for it to come down. If you’ve not grabbed up this fun short about all the Unbreakable boys before Ian’s wedding, you need to grab it now. We will be putting it up for sale on Amazon, but don’t you want to grab it for FREE???

CHARACTER Q&A – For a month, we did a character Q&A, where the characters from Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, Pineapple Grove, and Weavers Circle answered reader questions. Since everyone loved it so much, we are planning to bundle all the answers together in a free book. This freebie will be replacing UNBREAKABLE B when it’s ready, which will probably be November or December. Watch your newsletter and the Unbreakable Readers group for the announcement.


What’s coming next year?

I’ve got my schedule made out for 2021 and it’s a little crazy, but there are going to be so many fun books!

Drake & Elliott will be finishing out the last three books in the WEAVERS CIRCLE series.

Sherwood & Drake will be providing dragon books for the Scales N’ Spells series.

And just little Jocelynn Drake will be revisiting some assassins. I want to create a special expanded edition of DEADLY LOVER before I finally give Ghost his happily ever after. There might be another character from that series who is also starting to whisper in my ear, but we haven’t figured out that story yet. After that, I believe I’m going to play with some brand new mercenaries who look like a lot of fun.

So 2021 will be dragons, warlocks, assassins, and mercenaries. Oh My!