I Don’t Do Fantasy…

Everyone has their reading preferences. There are things we all look at and think, “Yeah, that’s not for me.” Trust me, I’ve got a list of things I typically avoid because they just don’t give me joy.

Maybe we’ve been burned by a bad book in that genre.

Maybe we just feel like it’s not our cup of tea based on movies we’ve seen in that genre.

Maybe it’s thanks to a lot of bad cheesy covers. (Come on, admit it. We’ve all judged a book by its cover. It’s why authors and publishers spend so much money and time on them.)

But eventually, something catches our eye and we finally break down…Yes, we try something new.

I clearly remember some of my biggest book pushers… er… influences. A guy I was dating in high school gave me my first fantasy novel, promising that I would love it. He was right.

Rinda nudged me into reading gay romance, promising that I’d love it. She was right.

I know a lot of readers draw the line at fantasy. It’s too much, too big, too crazy, too hard to follow, or too unbelievable.

Or maybe you like only a little magic. You know, like the fairy godmother and the talking mice in Cinderella or the magic of Santa Claus in a warm and fuzzy holiday story.

Today, I want to try to convince you to give fantasy a try…or maybe just another try.

Fantasy comes in so many flavors – almost as many as romance. There’s high/epic fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and so much more.

Alright, Jocelynn, I’m already feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

I want you to try Broken Warrior. (Not just because I wrote it with Rinda and I’m trying to sell books.)

We wrote it keeping in mind that our readers know us for romantic suspense – a romance with a mystery subplot.

As such, we wrote Broken Warrior with the goal of easing people first-time fantasy readers into the genre.

You discover the magic, danger, and all the crazy right along with the main character. It’s all new to them as well. In many ways, Broken Warrior reads like a romantic suspense…but it has a little magic thrown in as well.

It still has our usual banter, snark, crazy characters, explosions, chases, steamy romance, and hot sex scenes.

Curious now?

Well, you don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to a couple of readers who aren’t lovers of the paranormal.

Goodreads reviewer who gave “Broken Warrior” 5 stars:

“So, I don’t do paranormal. Not usually, anyway. I don’t care for shifters or mind readers or any of that jumbo, cuz I like the real-world stuff. Real-world romances and real-world problems, ya know? HOWEVER, I do not pass up anything with this duo, so of course, I put my prejudices aside and gave this one a go…. I might be converted, y’all. Maybe not all the way, but for this series I am! Let me just try to put into words how crazy and cute and entertaining this whole whirlwind was…”

Another Goodreads reviewer who gave “Broken Warrior” 5 stars:

“I’m going to admit…I wasn’t completely sold on the blurb for this one. It’s a bit more fantasy sounding than I normally like, but holy hell I’m glad I decided to try it…because its these two authors who are simply wonderful and amazing and I will try anything they write lol…and I’m so glad I did. It was amazing and perfect. It was sexy and wonderful. And it had a lot of magic and love. It was action packed and the romance is a slow burn, which was simply wonderful. I loved everything about this and I cannot wait for the next one.”

So, how about you give Broken Warrior a try?

It’s a fun, crazy escape from the world, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.

And if you don’t, that’s okay. We have plenty of other books in the works. We’d just hate for you to miss out on this adventure.