Dragon Time, Baby!

We are less than three weeks away from the release of a new Scales ‘N’ Spells book!

If you have not started this series yet, now is a great time to start binge-reading the books.

In the Scales ‘N’ Spells series, the world things that dragons are extinct.

But the truth is that dragons are still alive and are desperately looking for their fated mates.

There’s just one problem. Dragons can only be mated to mages and it’s been centuries since they discovered a mage.

That is until the stumble across a young man at a festival who has no idea he’s a mage.

Sound like fun? I thought so.

The series so far is:

Origin – king of the fire dragons claims his adorable mate Cameron

Breath – dragon warrior claims his angry mate Tori

Wish – a special holiday novel where a mage tugs on the tail of a dragon

And now the new book coming out is Blood!

Ravi is a wind dragon living with his adopted fire dragon family and he finally gets his mate.

Here’s a quick description:

Secret identities are hard to keep.

Sora finds this to be doubly true after meeting the struggling Burkhard Clan and the mischievous Ravi. The wind dragon has stolen his breath, and heart, away. Sora suspects he might have found his mate. 

But his inability to be truthful with Ravi eats at Sora. When the Jaeggi attack, Sora can’t keep his secrets any longer. Not when Ravi is in the center of the war raging around them.

He has to reveal who he really is. It’s the only way to be with Ravi and give the Burkhards the help they need.

Sora’s secret could tip the scales to save them all. 

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 Blood will be out on Friday, April 9. You can pre-order your copy now so you don’t miss a second of the action.

In May, AJ and I will be back to work on Scales ‘N’ Spells, writing the final book of the series. This will be Gunter’s book. More details will be coming later this spring and summer.

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    1. Thanks for your interest! Rinda and I start working on the book in May, it goes to the editors in July, and we are hoping for a late August/early September release. Thanks!

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