Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

Justin and Gabriel are back!

I have been making plans and keeping big secrets. It has been killing me not to share. But the time has finally come!

What’s been happening?

Well, the first thing you’re likely to notice is that we’ve got all new covers for the novels! While I loved the old covers, I thought I would give the Exit Strategy series a fresh look since I’ve got even more exciting news.

Next, I decided to go back into DEADLY LOVER to create a special edition. You know how a movie will sometimes get a Director’s Cut with extra footage. Well, DEADLY LOVER: SPECIAL EDITION got about 20,000 new words. Overall, the book grew by about 26%. It’s a good chunk!

While the plot remained unchanged, this was more about giving more background on Justin, Gabriel, and showing more of them falling in love. So yes, it got sexier.

In addition, the special edition contains the LOVER CALLING short story. So now you will have the first book and short story all in one place!

VENGEFUL LOVER and FINAL LOVER have not changed from their original release other than to get new covers.

However, you might want to give them a re-read after you go through DEADLY LOVER: SPECIAL EDITION because they will help get you read for two new books that I’m adding to the series.

Book 4 will be FORBIDDEN LOVER and features assassin Kai, who you meet in FINAL LOVER, and the adorable scientist, Devlin.

Here is a quick description:

Devlin Relic was off limits.

The sweet man had already lost a husband and nearly lost his life when someone put a contract on his head last year.

He needed to focus on raising his adopted son and finding a nice, normal man.

Kai was anything but nice and normal.

He was an assassin, and that did not fit into Dev’s neat and tidy life.

But when a dead body mysteriously appears in Dev’s bathtub, it looks like an assassin is exactly what he needs.

Maybe this time Kai will be brave enough to fight for Devlin and finally put his exit strategy to use.

FORBIDDEN LOVER will be out on June 11 and is currently up for pre-order.

And the one who actually got my butt in gear to finish this series is Alexei, Gabriel’s nephew. He started whispering in my ear that he very much wanted his own book. God help Justin and G Love.

In ACCIDENTAL LOVER, Alexei is all grown up and ready to prove to the world that he’s just as talented as his uncles. Naturally, he finds plenty of trouble.

ACCIDENTAL LOVER will be out July 9 and the pre-order is now up.

That should be plenty to keep all the lovely readers busy for now. As we get closer to the release dates, I will have more details and goodies to share!

Happy reading!