Put Some Magic in Your October

October is the best month. (And it’s not just because it’s my birthday month, though that helps.) October is about spooky ghost stories, magic, mystery, fall colors, and hoodies.

Today, I thought I’d bring you all the fun, magical things with vampires, dragons, warlocks, and gods trying to destroy/protect the world. As the weather turns cooler for those in the northern hemisphere, now is a great time to curl up with new reads, re-reads, or maybe some bonus shorts that you’ve possibly missed.

Let’s start with vampires.

Lords of Discord

The Lords of Discord is a five-book series that follows the Varik brothers and their stepfather as they find danger and love. While the focus is on vampires, there are also wolf shifters and witches in this series.

Here is the reading order:

Claiming Marcus

Saving Rafe

Waking Bel

Embracing Winter

Healing Aiden

And in case you’ve missed it, here are the bonus short stories:

Marcus Loses His Mind (Marcus & Ethan)

Philippe Melts Rafe (Rafe & Philipppe)

A Surprise for Bel (Bel, Wyatt, & River)

Winter’s Bad Morning (Winter & Fox)

A Picture of You (Aiden & Ronan)

In 2023, I am planning to launch a brand new vampire series that will be a spin-off of the Lords of Discord. I have a little more bonus material planned for the Variks and then I shift gears to bring you all the goodness of a sexy new clan.

Scales ‘N’ Spells

Dragons, baby!

AJ Sherwood and I created the Scales ‘N’ Spells dragon shifter series. The four-book series follows the Burkhard dragon clan as they search for their mage mates and battle the evil Jaeggi clan.

This series is lower angst than I usually write and chockful of crazy humor. Here is the reading order so you can dive in:



Wish (holiday novella)



And be sure to check out “Are You A Mage?”. This site has details on the Burkhard Clan, silliness, and maybe a hidden “Dragon Egg” or two with bonus material. I am hoping to start adding it to the soon with the launch of the new spin-off series, Wings ‘N’ Wands! Ruins (Book 1) will be out on November 11.

Weavers Circle

What if you were chosen by three crazy goddesses to receive magical powers and save the world? Sounds insane, right? That’s what Clay and the other five guys who make up the Weavers Circle thought.

The Weavers Circle follows six men who were given unique powers to save the world from the Pestilents. The only problem is that they’ve been at this for centuries and slowly failing. They need to find their soulmates to give them an edge in this round of battles. And just maybe get the HEA they all deserve.

Broken Warrior

Wild Warrior

(The Lost Chapter – A bonus for Wild Warrior)

Blind Warrior

Tangled Warriors

Storm Warrior

Godstone Saga

Jump into a fantasy world with a little taste of the modern. Follow a young prince and his three friends on an epic adventure as they make bargains with gods, uncover secrets, battle betrayals, and grow closer as a family. Not to mention, you get to follow the development of TWO sexy, adorable couples.

The reading order is

Steal the Wind

Breath of Life

Wake the Dead

Wings of Fire

Embrace the Light

City of Blood

And don’t miss out on the bonus material that I’ve pulled together. Check out maps, bios of the gods, and even a couple short stories. Just save the short stories until AFTER you’ve read the entire series.

Happy magical reading!