Don’t Miss the Dragons!

Let’s just jump straight into the action!

RISE, book 2 of the Wings ‘N’ Wands series is now out. You don’t want to miss any of the action, drama, and dragon cuddles of Vasily and Luka finally finding their mage mate.

And Amaru is more than a handful.

Here is a quick description:

For the record, putting the Sousa clan to sleep for five hundred years is not Amaru’s fault.

At least he’s found his two, count ‘em two sexy, hunky, adorable, overprotective dragon mates because of it, and they’ll help him wake up his clan.

So why. Are his mates. AVOIDING HIM? Especially Luka. This should not be as hard as they’re making it.

What’re the proper tools to fix relationship problems? Is it screwdrivers?


Chaos thine name is Amaru, one keeper is not sufficient, hence triad, lost clans, malfunctioning magic, confused dragons, the whole enchilada, 500 years is one hell of a power nap, zipper are awesome, Ravi has twins, pray, relationships are work, hope is too, who needs sleep when there is nookie, don’t touch the screwdrivers, all unattended electronics will be taken apart, breaking traditions, dragon cuddles are the best cuddles

If you are new to the dragons I’ve written with AJ Sherwood, then you’ve got some fun catching up to do!

Wings ‘N’ Wands (ice dragons of Brazil) is a spin-off of Scales ‘N’ Spells (fire dragons of Germany). The series starts with Origin and is complete with four novels and one novella.

Wings ‘N’ Wands has a free prequel short story, “Dawn” and then the first novel is Ruins.

Last Book!

We will be back with one final book for the Wings ‘N’ Wands trilogy in 2024!

Samuel’s twin brother, Salem, is going to have his hands full.

Just like his brother, Salem isn’t looking for a dragon mate.

But he finds exactly what he needs with the Valerii ice dragons.

More details to come soon!

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