2023 Was a Crazy Year

2023 was busy.

It was filled with new adventures. New romances. Lots of book sales and even some free bonus stories.

Were you able to catch everything?

I thought I’d do a quick rundown of 2023 with links to all the good stuff. If you’re new to my books, this will be a fast way to catch up.

Shadow Elite (romantic suspense)

2023 kicked off with the Shadow Elite team. The prequel Stephen’s Translator was finally released for sale after I gave it away for free all of 2022. The series finished out with Edison’s Professor and Westin’s Prince.

The Shadow Elite series is now complete and is a spin-off of the Exit Strategy series.

However, I am hoping to return in 2024 with a spin-off of the Shadow Elite series. But that’s for another newsletter in January.

Lords of Discord (paranormal romance)

It’s hard to let go of the Variks. The vampire brothers are so much fun together. I’d written so many short stories for them over the years, I thought it was a good time to bundle them all in one place. Visiting the Variks has more than six short stories for the brothers PLUS a brand new novelette that finally gives two more vampires their happily ever after.

Princes of Mayhem (paranormal romance)

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the year of the spin-off.

The Princes of Mayhem series is a spin-off of the Lords of Discord, and contains some appearances by the Variks. How the Necromancer in the Gold Vest Saved My Life, while released in 4 parts, is actually just the first book in the series.

I am planning two more stories for necromancer Sky’s friends, Redstone and Maddox.

You can read the complete Necromancer story in the individual disasters:

Disaster #1

Disaster #2

Disaster #3

Disaster #4

Or you can grab the Complete Works here to get them all in one place.

Unlike the Lords of Discord, the Princes of Mayhem books are going to be much lighter and more comedic. So if you’re looking for light and a little bit silly, definitely check out the Necromancer stories.

Kings of Chaos (paranormal romance)

Detecting a theme here?

Oh yeah, we’ve got another spin-off of the Lords of Discord. This time we’re going back to vampires with a brand new but very ancient vampire clan that comes from China.

This series also comes with lots of crossover. Not only do we have appearances from the Variks, but the Princes of Mayhem witches are coming to play to.

Specifically, blood witch Moon Mullins who spots himself a vampire that he wants and isn’t going to let go.

The first book, Two Thousand Dreams, is now out! Catch up with Moon and grumpy vampire Chen as they try to rescue a vampire kidnapped by the fae.

I am putting the finishing touches on book 2, Two Thousand Tears now and it will be out in early 2024.

Wings ‘N’ Wands (paranormal romance)

The second book of the Wings ‘N’ Wands series, Rise, was release in November! If you need cool dragons and sexy mages, then this is what you should grab up.

The Wings ‘N’ Wands series is a spin-off of the Scales ‘N’ Spells series that I write with AJ Sherwood. We have one more book (Soar) in the Wings ‘N’ Wands series, and then we’ve got a new series that we’re cooking up.

Scales N Spells and Wings N Wands are not mpreg books. Just dragon shifters finding their long-lost mates.

The Secret Books (contemporary romance)

So, I do have one pen name that I am pretty quiet about. The G. Koi books are different from my other books and I wanted to keep the separate so as not to confuse readers.

In 2023, I released Falling Like Snow, which is the second book in the Love in Action series. The book follows a pair of actors who meet on the set of a drama and slowly fall in love with each other. It is a forbidden romance and they are so adorable together.

What’s more, both Ren’s Song and Falling Like Snow have bonus shorts to go with them. Grab both books now!


As I look back on this incredible year, I want to say thank you.

Thank you so your endless support and enthusiasm for my books. Thank you for all your notes and messages. Thank you for supporting my dream of telling crazy stories of magic, danger, and love. So much love.

Because of you, I get to do the thing I love most–not going outside to deal with the public.

No! No! I’m teasing. You let me sit behind a computer and write out insane stories. I love my job. I love it more than I can ever describe to you (and I describe things for a living).

Because of you, I was able to see readers in foreign countries this year. I was able to write even more books. Because of you, I was able to study new languages, mythology, cultures, and better ways to hide a body. 

Don’t ever doubt that your support makes a huge difference in the lives of authors. Whether you’re buying the books, borrowing from the library, or reading in programs like Kindle Unlimited and Kobo Plus, it all helps.

So, thank you for helping me live my dream.

What do you say we do it all over again in 2024? But with more explosions and sexy times?

Happy reading,

Jocelynn Drake