Alias: Goddess of Life, the Green Goddess, Goddess of Control and Manipulation, the Vengeful Goddess, the Queen Goddess, the Patron Goddess of Erya

Godstone: Life Stone, bright emerald green, located in Stormbreak Point, Erya


Tula was born from a tiny fig seed that grew into a massive tree. Her roots sink deep into the ground, spreading to become the support for all life. Her outstretched arms offer protection from the elements and embrace all living creatures. The fruit gave sustenance and healed the sick.

All found respite under Tula’s protection.

With a wave of her hand, she could read the possible future of each creature between the fluttering wings of butterflies.

Most people know the stories of a benevolent Tula, who protects and supports everyone. She is a loving mother, a gentle and understanding guardian.

But there are darker tales of Tula, stories of a controlling, jealous, and manipulative goddess. This goddess believes that for the gift of life and protection, she should receive absolute obedience and compliance. Any who wish to fight her will pay the price.

One way of controlling the minds of the living is through the use of floral scents, particularly lavender. She uses it to clear the mind and lower the defenses of her chosen victim, so that she can manipulate them into doing as she wishes.

However, her methods are not always so covert. Her ability to heal the sick and broken can also break the healthy and crush the living.

The goddess didn’t lift her roots for the first time and move from the spot where she’d been born until she spotted Lore, the God of Wisdom. The golden god had been lounging in the sun and crafting something from a bit of driftwood. She tried to beckon him over to rest in the shade of her limbs. Lore regarded her for several silent seconds, politely bowed his head, and declined her offer. He walked away, wandering along a stream and continuing with his craft, ignoring the goddess.

Intrigued by his resistance to her, she pulled her roots from the dirt and followed him, watching him from a distance. Lore had always been the one god to remain constantly outside of her influence, outside of her grasp, both exciting and infuriating her.

That day, Tula fell in love with Lore, and Lore gained Thia’s most dangerous stalker.