Alias: God of Death, God of Time, the Dead God, the Lost God, the Forgotten God, the Prankster God, the Great Timekeeper, the Watch Master, the Dark Reaper, the Patron God of Zastrad

Godstone: DeathStone, a deep purple that is nearly black, cracked down the center, located in Mrtyu, Zastrad, within a cave in Mount Langbo


The world believes Nyx is the only sibling of Tula, the Goddess of Life, though there is no clear link between them. While Tula was born from a fig seed, it is said that Nyx was born from a spark that was created when the first heart beat with life. Time and life came into existence at the same moment, leading scholars to believe that Nyx and Tula are twins.

Despite being siblings, there is no love shared between them. Nyx maintains a grudging respect for Tula because of her powers, while Tula has found uses for her brother during her long existence.

The Dead God was born with the appearance of a man in his thirties to forties, one foot stuck in the past and one foot constantly sliding through the ever-moving future. He sees all that ever was and all the possibilities that could be. For him, time is a never-ending chain that is slipping through his fingers. He’s addicted to collecting links within that chain and adding them to his own eternal lifespan.

He can travel anywhere within the great timeline, past and future. Technically, he is the only god who can accomplish this feat, but when he was running from the Goddess of Fire, he might have left the door open so that she could easily pursue him.

People have inaccurately labeled Nyx the God of Death and the Dark Reaper because all creatures must hand in their final link to him. However, he is only the collector of time. He is not responsible for a creature’s death unless he specifically wishes to intervene. Nyx would argue that each living creature is assigned a length of time upon their birth and so long as “they don’t fuck with him,” he will not steal links of time from their chain.

By nature, Nyx is a practical joker and a gambler. He bounces between lazy (there’s always more time) and frantic (not enough time in the day). He is incredibly prideful and short-tempered. He hates being called the Dead God and being dismissed as no longer existing when, ultimately, everyone must answer to him.

While he’s indifferent to how the people of Zastrad offer up the souls of the dead—he’s a collector of time, not of souls—he appreciates how the people of Temit dedicate to him the idea of living life to the very fullest and experiencing everything they can since time is always so very short. Even for a god.