Alias: God of Wisdom; God of Art, Music, and Drama; God of Enlightenment; God of Common Sense; God of Judgment; Patron God of scholars, artists, dreamers, and Ilon

Godstone: Light Stone, golden yellow, hardened sunlight, located in the capital city of Ilon


Lore was born from the whispered breath of the first question ever spoken by a human being. No one quite knows what the question was, nor do they necessarily have high hopes that it was a particularly intelligent or deep question.

The God of Wisdom is constantly in search of information and the knowledge that is born out of firsthand experience. Of all the major gods that inhabit Thia, he is the god who travels the most. If a living creature were to have an encounter with a god, it would most likely be Lore.

The God of Wisdom speaks every language and carries in his mind the memory of every culture that has existed on Thia.

His appearance has changed with every generation, but he typically shows up in the guise of a wanderer in worn clothes, with long hair and a sun-scorched and lined face. In one hand is often a walking stick. On his side is always a knife, and somewhere on his person is The Great Tome of Wisdom.

For thousands of years, Lore has scribbled down his observations, thoughts, and bits of information he gathers about the different places, people, and animals he has encountered on his travels. Myth states that The Great Tome of Wisdom contains all of history. However, no human has ever read the words written there.

Lore is not the God of Truth, nor does he offer truth.

During all of his travels and studies, Lore has been distracted from his constant search for knowledge only once in his existence—when he encountered the great huntress, Zyros.

He had never seen a woman of such skill, strength, daring, courage, fearlessness, stealth, and drive. She inhabited the forests of the Ordas with the rest of her tribe and was one of their greatest hunters. No beast could touch her.

It was love at first sight.

Lore followed Zyros around for months, claiming that it was to study her, to better understand this unique creature. But Zyros snared his heart and he could not escape. Zyros was truly the greatest huntress because she’d done the impossible—she’d captured a god.

Fearing Zyros’s mortality, they found a way for Zyros to ascend to godhood so they could be together forever.

Unfortunately, the outcome was not as they hoped it would be, and the result was the birth of the godstones.

Lore is the patron god of scholars, artisans, and dreamers. Despite the ramifications of his love affair with Zyros, few know the tale and no one has ever linked his gifts to romance, love, or marriage.