Alias: God of Storms, God of Rage, the Two-Faced God, the Old Man of the Sea, Patron God of Caspagir

Godstone: Wind Stone, bright sapphire blue, located in Sirelis, Caspagir


Kaes was born an old man and a raging youth.

Kaes spends most of his time as a meddlesome elder with a passion for quiet fishing and the gentle bob of the ocean waves. He is the silent protector of the Caspagir Navy and the port city of Sirelis. While he has passed centuries hidden away and forgotten by the people of Caspagir, he takes their preference for the color blue as homage to him and all his gifts.

When Kaes is angry, the old man disappears and the raging youth takes control. He is wrath and vengeance. He is violence and destruction. He is the relentless storm tearing a brutal path through guilty and innocent alike.

As the youth’s energy drains away, the wrinkled figure returns, laughing as if nothing has happened at all.

Kaes is a troublemaker and jokester, always searching for an opportunity to unleash the raging youth. But he also believes himself to be harmless and playful.

Kaes is “secretly” in love with Tula, the Goddess of Life. He believes she is oblivious to his affection for her, but she’s not. He will regularly side with her on her whims, plans, schemes, and vendettas, no matter how much destruction and damage she might create.

In general, he views humans as amusing playthings. Toys that break easily but are also very replaceable. He has largely stopped having favorites among the humans because their lifespans are so short.

That being said, he does have a fondness for Caelan Talos and Shey Thrudesh-Vo.