I Destroyed the Elf Prince’s Harem

Part of the Fortune Favors the Fae Collection

Who hasn’t wanted to disappear into their favorite book? Live in the world of their favorite characters?

Well, when this author fell off a bridge thanks to flipping a magic coin, I woke up in the one place I didn’t want to be—my own unfinished novel.

Now I’m trying to untangle this twisted plot, put the hero back on track to finding his brother’s killer, and getting his happily ever after.

All while not dying at the hands of orcs, ogres, humans, elves, and just about anyone else I run into.

Maybe if I clean up this mess, I’ll be able to go home.

Except that going home sounds less appealing the longer I’m around Prince Nylian.

Crap! Am I falling for the hero too?

I Destroy the Elf Prince’s Harem is a stand-alone novel within the Fortune Favors the Fae collection and follows the adventures of one poor author as he stumbles his way through his own novel and just maybe falls in love with the hero. Along the way he will encounter elves, humans, ogres, a wizard-in-training who’s really bad at magic, jealousy, possessiveness, political intrigue, secrets, and a prince who has eyes for just one man. Unfortunately, that one man is as blind as a bat when it comes to love.

Available August 22, 2024