Book 4 of the Scales ‘N Spells Series

Once upon a time, there was a stunningly gorgeous mage named Nikki.

They were trapped by evil, horrible Jaeggi mages for ten long years until they were rescued by the brave dragon named Gunter.

The grumpy red knight swept in, carrying them off to a fair castle, where they lived happily ever after.

That’s how the story’s supposed to go, anyway. Nikki would really like to have that fairytale ending, please and thank you.

It’s too bad Gunter is oblivious and the Jaeggi are interfering. Nikki may just have to cook up some explosions to help both situations along, because they’re determined to get their happily ever after.

Is there a magic how-to guide on things that go boom?

non-binary MC, Grumpy and Sunshine, it’s basically the air we breathe, Gunter needs a hug, Nikki likes to give them, crippling crush at first sight, Nikki has trust issues, for good reason, Nikki’s determined, Gunter is oblivious, mis-used poetry, Alric and Gunter are once again banned from drinking together, ever, schmoop, wall sex, the tongue thing is awesome, all hail Gunter’s tongue, violence, because bad guys, Nikki feels that explosions are an appropriate response to everything, Cameron and Nikki are explosion buddies, Nikki has mixed feelings on high heels, fairytales do come true

Available September 10, 2021