Are you ready for all the new books that are coming your way over the next several months?

If you’ve been following my Facebook Group or newsletter, you know that I’ve got a lot of new books in the works.

I’m planning a big overview for 2022 at the end of December/beginning of January, but I thought I’d quickly run through what has been announced and placed on Amazon for pre-order.

That way, you can be sure that you’ve got notes made, pre-order placed, and you are caught up on each of the various series.

Let’s start with the one that’s closest to being finished:

Weavers Circle – LGBT Paranormal Romance

The first four books of the five-book series are now out. The guys have the final Weaver and are on their way to the massive battle with the pestilents.

We are waiting for our cover designer to pull together the cover for STORM WARRIOR, but we have a description for you:

Hale Anderson

The Air Weaver.

He was the freaking Air Weaver. Not exactly what he expected when he got kidnapped by the pestilents, but Hale’s good rolling with the punches.

He can take a little time away from his pursuit of a doctorate in astrophysics to save the world.

Except that the final spell is poised to kill all the Weavers and their last hope lies with him finding his soul mate.

Hale doesn’t want a soul mate. He just wants Harrison.

Harrison William Davenport III

As the Keeper of the Heart of the Earth, Harrison must bring the final key to the Weavers if they’re to stop the pestilents.

He’s trained for this task his entire life. And he’s prepared to die just like his father did with the last generation of the Weavers.

But what if saving the world isn’t enough anymore?

What if the only thing that matters is saving Hale?

Storm Warrior is the final book in The Weavers Circle series. It includes fast-paced action, a dangerous cross-country roadtrip, dirty fun in tents, flying, bi-awakening sexy times, animal shenanigans, nerdy talk about the stars, jealousy, three crazy old ladies, magic, and a fight to save the world!

STORM WARRIOR will be out on January 14 and you can pre-order here.

If you’ve not read the series yet, here is the reading order:

Broken Warrior

Wild Warrior

Blind Warrior

Tangled Warriors

Storm Warrior

The Godstone Saga – LGBT Fantasy

The first two books of the Godstone Saga have been released and WAKE THE DEAD is set to come out on Sunday, December 26. Pre-order now so it doesn’t get lost in the holiday shuffle!!!

Here’s a quick description of the book:

The dead wait for Caelan.

The Goddess of Life has sent Caelan to wake her brother, the Dead God.

But crossing the reclusive country of Zastrad is even more treacherous when Caelan and his friends aren’t sure they can trust their guide.

The four friends will be tested by violence, death, political intrigue, and secrets better left in the dark.

When Caelan finally reaches the fractured godstone, he may have to give up everything to save the family he’s cobbled together.

Wake the Dead is the third book in the six-book Godstone Saga fantasy series and is not a standalone. The story contains danger, secrets, bossy gods, stolen kisses, a new king finding his way, a possessive boyfriend, magic, and lots of delicious angst.

If you’ve not started reading the series yet, here is the reading order:

Steal the Wind

Breath of Life

Wake the Dead

Shadow Elite – LGBT Romantic Suspense

The Shadow Elite series follows a group of mercenaries you briefly met in Accidental Lover (Exit Strategy #5). You just may get some fun appearances and cameos from characters from the Exit Strategy series along the way.

I am releasing a prequel novella titled Stephen’s Translator in January as part of the year-long Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend Giveaway. You’ll be hearing more about this novella and the giveaway very soon.

In addition, Charlie’s Doctor is the first full-length book in the series and will be out in August.

Here’s a quick description of Charlie’s Doctor:

A second chance to say ‘don’t let me go’.

When paintings for an artist who disappeared roughly fifty years ago suddenly surface, Charlie and his friends decide it might be worth looking into what really happened. Besides, who isn’t up for adventure and fun in Buenos Aires?

But things go horribly sideways when Charlie stumbles across Dr. William freaking Monroe—the only man to claim and then destroy Charlie’s heart.

Now they’re on the run, dodging bullets and digging for the truth. Charlie wants nothing to do with Will. It’s his heart that’s screaming for a second chance.

Is it too late to get past years of anger and misunderstandings to grab the love that still burns between them?

Charlie’s Doctor is the first full-length novel in the Shadow Elite mercenary series and features stubborn men with poor communication skills, second chances, meddling brothers, explosions, and love on the run in Argentina.

The first two books will be:

Stephen’s Translator

Charlie’s Doctor

If you’re excited for this series, you can warm up with the Exit Strategy series:

Deadly Lover

Vengeful Lover

Final Lover

Forbidden Lover

Accidental Lover (first appearance of Charlie)

There are still lots more books coming in 2022. Stay tuned for more news by joining my Facebook Group or joining my newsletter.