What’s Coming Out Next?

We are five months into 2020 (though it feels like it’s been 11 months) and we have been incredibly busy already this year!

I thought I would just take a moment to pop in and a post a list of books that have already come out as well as a list of things we know are coming out later this year.

Let’s get to it!

Recently released:

We kicked the year off with some new bundles. We re-packaged some of the stories so that you could have pretty special editions of some of your favorite reader stories. Lucas & Andrei contains Shiver and Unbreakable Stories: Lucas. Snow & Jude contains Shatter and Unbreakable Stories: Snow. In addition, we released the Ward Security Bundle: Volume 1, which contains Psycho Romeo, Dantès Unglued, and Deadly Dorian.

We launched a new series called Weavers Circle with Broken Warrior!

And on the solo book front, I released Saving Rafe, the second book of the Lords of Discord series.

Coming Soon:

Seth will be released on Amazon next week. This Ward Security novella was originally part of the Spring Fling Giveaway. I’m not posting an exact date because Amazon is dealing with a high number of delays right now. I don’t want to tell you a date and then have Amazon make me a liar. So, the answer is soon!

Waking Bel, book three of the Lords of Discord series is currently up for pre-order and will be available on May 29.

Rowe & Noah, the special edition, will be coming out in early June. It will contain Torch and Unbreakable Stories: Rowe.

The Unbreakables: Volume 3 bundle will be coming out in late June. This bundle pack will contain: Unbreakable Stories: Rowe, Unbreakable Stories: Ian, Blaze, and Fracture.

Wild Warrior, book two of the Weavers Circle series, will be out in late July, we hope. It partially depends on how long the editing takes, but we are currently aiming for the end of July.

Embracing Winter, book four of the Lords of Discord, will be out in August. At the end of that book, I’ll be deciding whether to give Aiden a book or not. Stay tuned for more details.


We don’t want to leave the audiobooks out in the cold. We’ve have a busy year on that front as well and it looks like Audible has been releasing the books from the quality check a little faster.

So far this year, we’ve had released:



Claiming Marcus

Saving Rafe

Right now, the following audiobooks are sitting with the quality check team:

The Exit Strategy Bundle

Ward Security Bundle Volume 1

Lucas & Andrei

Snow & Jude

Unbreakables Volume 1

Unbreakables Volume 2

 When Kenneth heads back into the booth to work on our books, he will be recording Rialto and Waking Bel.

Stay tuned for more details on more books. Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “What’s Coming Out Next?”

  1. Ooo, I am so excited! I fell in love with the Lords of Discord series. And Aiden is such an interesting, amazing and breathtaking character. I hope you will give him a book, he deserved it. Thank you so much for your awesome books and characters!

  2. I am waiting for Kai and Devlin’s story every single day- something about the exit strategy series and their story in the third book got me hooked beyond comparison

  3. I’ve read the entire “Dark Days Series” three times now. I’m on my 4th go round. I just loved every turn of the page. Who would have thought a vampire could be admired, liked, rooted for, and kept me on the edge of my seat?!
    So, the next obvious question is, When are they going to make a movie of Mira and Danaus killing some Naturi in that special way they have? 😉

  4. Love all of your books waiting patiently for every new release. And Oh yes please write an Aiden story! He deserves it!

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