Blood Is Now Out!

Dragons, baby!

The dragons have been set loose!

It’s time to dive into a new Scales ‘N’ Spells book with Ravi and his mate.

We were so excited to write Ravi’s book. He’s been a mischievous troublemaker since the very start of the series, but he’s gotten hidden depths that most people aren’t aware of.

With Blood, we were able to not only give Ravi a mate, but we could finally expand the dragon world enormously.

But I’m not sharing any secrets here. You’re just gonna have to read the book!

Here’s a quick description:

Secret identities are hard to keep.

Sora finds this to be doubly true after meeting the struggling Burkhard Clan and the mischievous Ravi. The wind dragon has stolen his breath, and heart, away. Sora suspects he might have found his mate. 

But his inability to be truthful with Ravi eats at Sora. When the Jaeggi attack, Sora can’t keep his secrets any longer. Not when Ravi is in the center of the war raging around them.

He has to reveal who he really is. It’s the only way to be with Ravi and give the Burkhards the help they need.

Sora’s secret could tip the scales to save them all. 

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And if you haven’t started the series yet, you are in for an awesome binge of more than 400,000 words of dragon-y goodness. Here is the series:

We are starting to work on the final Scales ‘N’ Spells book next month for a late summer release. It will be titled Embers and will be Gunter’s book.