Alias: Goddess of the Hunt; Goddess of War; Patron Goddess of fighters, warriors, hunters, and predators; Creator of the Ordas

Godstone: Blood Stone, a deep-blood-red crystal that continuously drips blood, located in the capital city of the Ordas


Zyros, a human woman, was born of the Falin Tribe and lived in a small village called Hidden Falls because of its place behind an enormous waterfall. All the children of the Falin Tribe are taught to hunt from the moment they can walk. They can climb trees like a monkey and can run as fast as any cat.

Zyros was among the best. From her first breath, she was completely fearless. Pain and fatigue could not stop her when she set her sights on something. She wanted to be the best hunter when she was young. When she was a teenager, it was to ascend to the most elite of the hunters of the Falin Tribe, who lived in the stone village of Green Spring.

Her goal changed when she first looked at the God of Wisdom. She wanted to become a goddess.

It is unknown if she truly had feelings of love for the God of Wisdom or if she just used him to achieve her goal. That knowledge has been completely lost and obscured by time.

Zyros struck a deal with Tula, the Goddess of Life. If she could complete tasks set by her and the other major gods, they would bless her with gifts that would allow her to rise to godhood.

Within a decade of fighting and struggling, Zyros succeeded in her tasks, claimed the gifts, and rose to the state of godling. Not content with being a minor goddess, Zyros hunted down other minor gods and stole their power for herself, allowing her to rise to the status of major god along with Tula, Kaes, Lore, Caris, and Nyx.

As the Goddess of the Hunt rose, she stretched her powers across the Ordas, warping the land and creatures to her whims. The original Hidden Falls was destroyed, and she claimed Green Spring as her base of power. She changed the humans there to make them more skilled hunters. They also become her most devoted worshipers.

The Goddess of the Hunt is known for her cunning, ruthlessness, and unwavering focus.