Returning to Pineapple Grove

Pineapple Grove is a special place for me. The idea for the series was born out of a place that I lived for roughly five years.

When I got a job offer for a great position in South Florida, my husband and I crossed our fingers and packed up our things. We left behind a frigid and snowy Wisconsin to drive a whole lotta miles south to just about the farthest south you can get and still be in the U.S. We had no idea what we were in for, other than the fact that we were leaving behind snow, ice, and digging out the car for the morning commute. I was willing to give all those things up.

In return, we got an interesting city, great friends, amazing food, and well… hurricanes, but we all know that no place is completely perfect.

Pineapple Grove is a small arts district in South Florida right next to Delray Beach, which is where I worked. After five years of walking around the city and exploring, I thought it would be an interesting place to set some romances.

Every year, we watched snowbirds, tourists, and locals living, shopping, eating, and laughing. Life was quiet and relaxing. But I thought we could spice things up with a little drama and of course, sexy nights.

Readers first got the glimpse of the Pineapple Grove world with SOMETHING ABOUT JACE. Rinda and I had a lot of fun introducing Jace as well as his friends and fellow business owners. We fell in love with their quirky personalities and their dedication to their family of friends.

It also didn’t hurt that after meeting Trent in SADISTIC SHERLOCK, we knew that we had to give the poor guy his own happily ever after. And there was no one who fit him better than Jace and his South Florida crew.

To keep readers hooked on the South Florida sun, we returned for a fun novella, DREW & MR. GRUMPY. Drew and chef Carson (AKA MR. Grumpy) work for Wesley at the Wilton Cottage B&B. And what better place for a little romantic drama than a B&B?

Rinda and I are excited that we’re going back to Pineapple Grove and Wilton Cottage in the next book to check on Wesley. In SOMETHING ABOUT JACE, we reveal that Wesley is having some trouble with a hotel developer who is after his property. In our upcoming book ALL FOR WESLEY, you’re going to get all the fun dirt on what Wesley does protect his precious B&B.

But has Wesley finally met his match in Nathan Randall?

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