Alias: Goddess of Fire; Goddess of Passion; Goddess of Love; Patron Goddess of the brokenhearted, dragons, and the Isle of Stone

Godstone: Fire Stone, bright orange, appears almost molten and liquid, located under the abandoned Clan Hayashi compound on the Isle of Stone


Caris was born from the sparks thrown off the burning feathers of the first Firebird. She is a fierce, sometimes short-tempered, goddess who will stand toe-to-toe with Tula. The Goddess of Life has learned that using leverage and manipulation is the only way to get Caris to do what she wants. The Goddess of Fire will not back down from a fight.

The goddess usually appears as a slim woman wrapped in an orange-and-red kimono. Her hair is a long, thick fall of black, curling smoke. Her eyes are smoldering embers, shifting from black to bright orange depending on her mood. She is usually carrying a red fan that is wielded as a weapon if she is angry. (Just ask the God of Time.)

History widely remembers Caris as the Goddess of Fire. Most forget or don’t realize that she is also the Goddess of Passion and Love. She is the protector of the brokenhearted, unrequited lovers, and the scorned. She fell into the role, thanks to her love affair with Nyx, the God of Time.

Caris has a natural weak spot for lovers. She will help those who love and support each other. She’s a consummate meddler. She likes to give nudges to those who need it, and she is more than happy to punish those who cheat, lie, and abuse their mates.

While she was the Patron goddess of dragons, she had largely withdrawn her active support of them due to their lack of passion and compassion for their fellow dragons. She fears they have become cold lizards rather than the fire-breathing behemoths they’d been before the Gods War.