Alias: God of Hope; God of Justice; God of Hearth and Family; Patron God of families, protector of children, rider of dragons

Godstone: None


As a human, the God of Hope was born Caelan Talos of Erya. His mother was Queen Amara of Erya and his father was Omari Kei of the Clan Omari dragons from the Isle of Stone. From his birth, the gods blessed him with the gift of the dragons and a tie to the Life Stone and the Goddess of Life.

All believed his destiny would be the same as his ancestors. He would rise to the Erya throne, bond with the Goddess of Life, become the protector of the Godstone, and lead his people until his eventual death.

However, the attempts by the Goddess of the Hunt to break free of her imprisonment resulted in the gods devising a plan to defeat Zyros once and for all. Much like the Goddess of the Hunt, Caelan had to complete a series of tasks to win power from the major gods.

It was only by defeating the Goddess of the Hunt and stealing the powers she’d accumulated during her long existence that he could rise from minor to major god status. (See The Godstone Saga for more information.)

Not much is yet known about the God of Hope due to the brevity of his reign. It is believed that he is bonded to his dragon mate, and he actually sat on the throne of Erya while he was a god, though there are no records of King Caelan Talos using any godlike powers during his twenty-seven-year reign.

Due to the fact that King Caelan Talos died, some believe that he was never truly a god and do not include him in the pantheon of major or minor gods.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe Caelan faked his death so that he could leave the throne in the hands of his trusted advisor, Rayne Laurent, while he explored the world with his ageless husband.