What a Lady Treasures

1825 – Coventry, England

London believed Hunter had killed a man for treasure.

Charlotte Worthington has returned to England after five years of travel to find a baby on her doorstep and a note from his frightened mother. Yet, Charlotte’s quest to help the poor woman becomes more complicated as it will also mean unraveling the mystery of a lost Egyptian treasure.  But can she trust known Egyptologist Hunter Beckett when London whispers of murders and betrayal surrounding the keys to the treasure?

Charlotte was his strength.

Hunter had endured the cold shoulder of London for far too long to care about the rumors that circulate about him.  He thought he could be happy with his work and his few close friends, but his world changes when a stubborn hazel-eyed beauty requests his help searching for answers to a lost treasure.  Now he’s willing to risk everything to keep her safe from the cutthroat villains hunting for a treasure tied to a baby and his mother.

What a Lady Treasures is the first full-length novel of the Hidden London series and it is available on Amazon
for your Kindle and Kindle app.