Ward Security is a new spin-off series from the Unbreakable Bonds series, featuring the employees of Rowe Ward’s security company. You will not need to have read the books of the Unbreakable Bonds series to understand the events of the Ward Security series. However,  the Unbreakable boys will be making appearances within Ward Security from time to time.

Reading Order for Ward Security

  1. Psycho Romeo
  2. Dantès Unglued
  3. Deadly Dorian
  4. Jackson (a novella – free for a limited time)
  5. Sadistic Sherlock
  6. more coming soon…


Meet the Employees and Clients of Ward Security

CEO – Rowe Ward (Torch of Unbreakable Bonds)

COO – Andrei Hadeon (Shiver of Unbreakable Bonds)

Security Specialists

Noah Keegan (Torch of Unbreakable Bonds)

Sven Larsen (Psycho Romeo)

Royce Karras (Deadly Dorian)

Dominic Walsh (Sadistic Sherlock)

Garrett Hayes (coming soon)

IT Specialists

Jennifer “Gidget” Eccleston

Quinn Lake (Dantès Unglued)


Geoffrey Ralse (Psycho Romeo)

Shane Stephens (Dantès Unglued)

Marc Foster (Deadly Dorian)

Abe Stephens (Sadistic Sherlock)