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Rinda posted this announcement earlier in the week while I was out of town and I’m cross-posting here due to its importance.

Jocelynn and I would like to address our use of an offensive term in Deadly Dorian and apologize for it. This was the first I’d heard the term and upon looking it up, found only mentions of a Shakespeare character and loan shark. We both believed we were using a term that meant enforcer for a loan shark, because that’s what Royce used to be.

Neither of us had any idea the word has another, offensive meaning.

So we’ll be removing it from the book and we deeply apologize to anyone we offended. We would never have used the term if we’d known. And we’d like to thank the reader who brought this to our attention privately and who gave us the benefit of doubt on our knowledge of the word.

Thank you so much,

Rinda and Jocelynn