It’s too early to think about Christmas. I totally agree. I’m sitting in South Florida and we’re still regularly hitting 90 degrees each day. I haven’t even considered my Halloween costume yet and I’ve got at least two months before I have to stress about what gifts I’m buying this year.

It’s too early to think about Christmas … but I have to.

You see, I have to plan ahead if I’m going to hit certain deadlines.

Like many authors, I’ve still got a dayjob where I put in a solid 50+ hours each week.

And I’ve got the nightjob of writing books, such as the Unbreakable Bonds series, with Rinda.Christmas

And of course… I like to write a few side projects of my own because really… who needs sleep?

So in January, I start plotting out that year’s Christmas novella. By March, I start actually writing little bits here and there with the goal of hitting around 40,000 words. By summer, I schedule the editors because their time is filling up. And by the end of summer, I’ve ordered the cover from my designer.

I work to get all these ducks in a row so that I can hit the release date of Thanksgiving week.


Black Friday.

Yep. By Black Friday, people have started to accept the fact that Christmas is coming. They want to watch holiday movies. Buy gifts. And read holiday books.

So while it’s early… I’ve got this year’s Christmas novella all set up plus an extra surprise.

This year’s novella is called: Ice, Snow, & Mistletoe. It is slated for released on Tuesday, November 21.

I am particularly happy with the cover this year.

And here is a quick description of the book:


John Sullivan is escaping to Denver. Even with a massive snow storm on his heels, he plans to hide away in his cabin in the mountains and ignore Christmas. It’ll be just him and a bottle of whiskey until the new year when he must return to Cincinnati for his best friend’s wedding.


At least, that’s the plan until he runs into Oz at the airport.


Oz … the man who should have been just a fling. The man who was fun and laughs but quickly turned into so much more before he completely kicked John out of his life.


Oz who desperately needs his help…


John is ready to leave Oz stranded at the Denver airport in the coming blizzard, but he finds himself possibly staring down at the reason Oz pushed him away, and John can’t say no.


Second chances don’t come around often, but John is willing to fight for one with Oz.


If you read last year’s Walking on Thin Ice, you have already met John. He is Spenser Roland’s best friend.

And if you haven’t read Walking on Thin Ice, now is a great time. I have just placed the book in the Kindle Unlimited program. You can read it for free before grabbing John and Oz’s story.

While it’s too early to think about Christmas, you can always pre-order Ice, Snow, & Mistletoe now and then it will appear on your reader when it releases… like Christmas magic.