It has been an incredibly busy year and we’re getting down to the last couple of months. There has been travel – Daytona, Uruguay, Cincinnati, Bermuda, Savannah, and Oklahoma City… with the U.K. closing out the year.

But the most important thing is that there have been books!

I can’t believe it, but I’m on pace to release 5 new projects this year. I’ve got a quick recap below in case you might have missed out on some of the fun!

Shatter (Book 2 of Unbreakable Bonds) — Gay romantic suspense — Released in AprilShatter cover

Maverick trauma surgeon Ashton “Snow” Frost keeps the world at a distance, relying only on his three closest friends to keep him connected. But when a ghost from their past returns to Cincinnati, Snow stands to lose everyone he loves. Framed for murder and reeling from attacks on his friends, Snow is pushed to his breaking point.

Jude Torres won’t let the doc shatter. The paramedic has been attracted to the doctor since he first laid eyes on him at the hospital, even if the arrogant, solitary man doesn’t fit into any of his plans. One hot, reckless kiss shows that Snow isn’t who he appears to be. And one night together will never be enough. Jude will fight for the doc.

Fight to keep him whole. Fight to keep him safe. Fight to simply keep him.

Unbreakable Bonds.

coverUnbreakable Stories: Lucas (Book 1.5 of Unbreakable Bonds — short story collection) — Gay romantic suspense — Released in June

This special collection of features 5 short stories and 1 novelette.

It will include special Author’s Editions of the previously released free short stories. (And don’t worry, the original versions of the free short stories will continue to be available here.)

The collection will also include at two brand new, never-seen-before short stories as well as a brand new novelette.  At a minimum, the book will be approximately 30,000 words. In other words, a lazy afternoon read.

All the stories will focus on Lucas and Andrei, but all the main characters (Snow, Ian and Rowe) will make an appearance within the collection. The stories in this collection will occur after the events of Shiver, book 1, but before the events of Shatter, book 2.

Unbreakable Stories: Lucas includes:

The Meeting


Te Iubesc



I Want More

Stefan (Lost Nights series) — m/f paranormal romance — Released JulyStefan, preview

Kidnapping. Betrayal. Murder.

That’s an average night for most vampires.

But it’s a harsh wake-up call for artist Erin Prescott during her recent trip to Venice, Italy. The world has changed since humanity discovered the existence of vampires, and not for the better.

It was just supposed to be one night. What could be the harm in helping out Stefan — the vampire with a smile that could stop her heart?

But that one night twisted into something far more sinister and deadly.

Framed for murder and trapped in the center of a plot to take down one of the most powerful vampires in all the world, Erin is fighting not only for her own right to exist, but also to save Stefan.

To save him… she has to be willing to lose him.

Torch (Book 3 of Unbreakable Bonds) — Gay romantic suspense — Released on October 24200x300Torch

Nine months ago, Rowan Ward thought he had it all. Now he’s fighting to pull his shredded life together, buried in work and battling the kind of grief that destroys a man’s soul. When fires spring up around Cincinnati threatening Rowe’s friends and clients, he’s thrilled to find his old Army buddy, Noah Keegan in town. They were a hell of a team when they served together, so in-sync, it was rumored they could read each other’s minds.

Noah thought devoting his life to the Army would be enough. Then he realized he had no family and only one friend he cared about. When his enlistment was up, he found himself standing on Rowe’s doorstep, looking only for friendship but secretly hoping for more. He needs to know if their one unbelievable night together years ago wasn’t a mistake.

Caught in a dangerous game of fire and bullets, neither expects the inferno of emotion that ignites between them. One Rowe isn’t prepared to accept. One that could break Noah.


And finally…

I’ve got a brand new Christmas novella that I am released on November 22 called Walking on Thin Ice.

It is a gay contemporary romance that is a stand-alone novella of approximately 42,000 words.walking-on-thin-ice

It’s not easy for Spenser Roland to admit it, but he needs help. Christmas is just a few days away, and he can’t face the idea of showing up to his family’s gathering alone … again. They want to see him happily settled, but Spenser doesn’t date. He can’t risk it if he wants to protect his family. But one unexpected night with Evan Scott has him thinking that maybe he can strike a deal that will make his family happy and give him a little holiday cheer as well.

Evan never should have accepted a ride home from the sexy-as-hell corporate executive, but he’s proud that he stuck to his guns. He’s done with the one-night stand game. He wants something real. Something that lasts. But when Spenser returns, asking him to pose as his boyfriend over the weekend at a Christmas celebration, Evan is sure he’s lost his mind.

But he can’t say no.

Maybe it’s the shadow of loneliness in Spenser’s bright blue eyes that’s too much like his own. Or maybe it’s his heart-stopping smile.

Either way, Evan knows he’s on thin ice with Spenser, risking his own rules and heart, but Spenser is worth the risk.

You can pre-order your copy here.

And don’t worry. I’ve got several more books planned for 2017. Rinda and I had a fabulous retreat earlier this month and we planned out book for not only 2017 but 2018 as well. It’s going to be very busy for the next few years!  Happy reading!