Yeah… yeah… I’m a day late. I’m finding juggling two book series in two different genres AND holding down a demanding day job isn’t the easiest of things. I’ve done what I can to cut back on the non-essentials (sleep, food, bathing) but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But enough of my complaining!

Stefan is out in the world.Stefan, preview

I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I’m terrified mostly, but that comes with releasing any book to readers. But there’s anxiety regarding dipping back into vampires and the Dark Days world after so long. Seven years have passed in the Dark Days world since the Great Awakening and things have been a bit slow to change. The nightwalkers haven’t really changed, but would you really expect that of such a long-lived created over such a short time frame? Humans, on the other hand, are stubborn and angry and fighting the change.

Despite the anxiety and the terror, I’m also excited. I’ve worked 2.5 books and lots of short stories – all contemporary romance. Yep, that’s stories without an ounce of magic (besides the magic of love, of course). It was nice to play in the paranormal again!  It was nice to visit with the vampires and the shifters. It was nice to walk into the grand hall of the Coven on their island in the middle of the Venice Lagoon.

And if you were wondering about whether to give it a try, let me say that it was nice to visit with Mira, Danaus, and Valerio.

Yes, all three characters make an appearance in Stefan’s novel.

When I wrote Stefan, I had a few goals in mind. First and foremost was to simply tell a fun and interesting story. I also wanted to give Stefan a happy ending. I wanted to visit with Mira and Danaus, just to make sure they hadn’t killed each other yet.

And I think I also wanted to walk through the Dark Days world with a different point of view. When I wrote the Dark Days series, the books were always written from the point of view of powerful magical creatures who already had a few centuries under their belt.

But what about  the point of view of a normal human? How would that person view nightwalkers and their need for violence? And after witnessing that violence, would that person jump at the chance to become immortal?

That’s why I like the storyteller of Stefan. She’s someone new to the world of the nightwalkers. She’s strong and spunky and resourceful, but she’s also very normal. She doesn’t have any extraordinary gifts beyond a good head on her shoulders. She grounds Stefan when he needs it. Or at least, she tries to.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Stefan yet, click here to learn more about the book and order your copy. Right now, it is available only as an ebook.