dawnbreaker Do you remember Stefan? I’m not sure too many readers do.

Actually, I’ve picked up quite a few new readers through the series I’m writing with Rinda Elliott called Unbreakable Bonds. (It’s a m/m romantic suspense series and it’s a lot of fun!) You may not have heard of my m/f urban fantasy Dark Days series.

And you may have read my Dark Days series many years ago (yep, Nightwalker was first released in 2008 and the last book, Burn the Night, was released on June 28, 2011 – awww 5-year anniversary!), and you’re still left scratching your head.

Stefan wasn’t one of the major players within the series. The nightwalker… wasn’t always very nice. He first appear in Dawnbreaker (book 3) and to me, he always represented who Mira could have turned into if it hadn’t been for the people in her very long life.

He made a second, larger appearance in Wait for Dusk (book 5) and we finally found a way into his heart, making him a somewhat more sympathetic character while Mira, Danaus, Stefan, and Valerio were running around Budapest.

Even when I finished the series, my mind never completely left Mira’s world. Mira and Danaus were happily settled. Well, as happily they could be concerning the state of the world. But I was never really happy with where I left things in regards to Nicolai and even Valerio. I thought a Knox book might even be fun. I tried several times to write Nicolai’s book, but the werewolf never settled right in my head.

Wait for DuskAnd then in waltzed Stefan.

Stiff, proper, and stuffy — Stefan epitomized all the seriousness and grouchiness that was the old nightwalker. So it was only natural that I fell in love with Erin when he tries to feed on her and she laughs in his face.

Yep. She LAUGHED.  In his face.

I fell in love with her and through her, I fell in love with Stefan.

It’s funny how things work sometimes.

Since we have less than two months until the release of Stefan, I thought it would be a good time to talk a walk down memory lane.

If you would like to meet Stefan before the release of the book, you can dive into the Dark Days series, where he first appeared. You can find the reading order here.

And during the next several weeks, I’ll be posting some old short stories, interviews, and snippets — both from the Dark Days series and Stefan.

Stefan will be available on July 29. You can pre-order your copy here.