I wrote this book more than a year ago…

Actually, I think it’s closer to two or three years now. In truth, I never planned to write it. When it came to the idea of revisiting the world of the Dark Days series, Stefan wasn’t even a blip on the screen. I wanted to visit with Valerio and definitely Nicolai. Hell, I wouldn’t mind spending time with Knox.


Stefan was an ass. He was arrogant and condescending and annoying and very nearly evil.

But then Erin strolled into my head and it was like getting blasted upside the head with a dictionary.

I really had no choice. I had to write the book.

But I wasn’t just going to jump back into the Dark Days series. Those books are done. Mira and Danaus got their HEA — well as much as you could give two characters in an urban fantasy.

So… sitting back at my desk, I thought, would it be such a bad idea to give some other characters an HEA (happily ever after)?

No. No, it wouldn’t.

First thing you need to know. Stefan – Book 1 of The Lost Nights Series — is not an urban fantasy. I would technically label it a paranormal romance. Yes, it has my trademarked violence. But the story focuses on the exploits of one couple. Their story is a stand-alone book. Book 2 of the series will not be about Stefan and Erin, but someone else.

What’s the book about then?

StefanKidnapping. Betrayal. Murder.

That’s an average night for most vampires.

But it’s a harsh wake-up call for artist Erin Prescott during her recent trip to Venice, Italy. The world has changed since humanity discovered the existence of vampires, and not for the better.

It was just supposed to be one night. What could be the harm in helping out Stefan — the vampire with a smile that could stop her heart?
But that one night twisted into something far more sinister and deadly.

Framed for murder and trapped in the center of a plot to take down one of the most powerful vampires in all the world, Erin is fighting not only for her own right to exist, but also to save Stefan.

To save him… she has to be willing to lose him.

Stefan is set to take place between five and seven years after the close of the Dark Days series.

The book will be out July 29, 2016. You can pre-order it now for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords.

I haven’t decided just yet if I’m going to release a print version or an audiobook version. I’ll keep you updated and provide links if I decide to create either.