I’m not much of a resolutions kind of person. What sounds great in January has lost its luster by March. (You know, tedious things such as working out, improving your diet, giving up soft drinks, etc.) In fact, I’m not much into planning. But every January, I make a calendar/wish-list for the year. It’s a list of all the projects that I’ve got started and/or want to work on. And then I start trying to estimate how long it would take me to finish each project and then potentially release.

Now a lot of this is “pie in the sky” thinking. I find myself doing crazy math such as … if I write 2,000 words every day… then that’s 60,000 words a month.  That means I need less than two months to finish the rough draft of a brand new book. And then a month to revise… repeat to finish X books in a year.

Math like that doesn’t take into account travel, catastrophes, and that month where the dayjob is working me so hard that by the time I crawl home I’ve got nothing left in me…

But even with that chaos, I can still be pretty darn productive.

What did I complete in 2015?

Finished a contemporary m/m/f romance

Finished Stefan – a paranormal romance spin-off from the Dark Days series

Finished and released Shiver with Rinda Elliott

Wrote 20,000 words of a new m/m romantic suspense book

Worked on Shatter with Rinda Elliott

Wrote 20,000 words of a new m/m Christmas romance

Wrote 15,000 words of Book 3 of the Unbreakable Bonds series

There were a few other items that I tinkered with, but really… looking back at last year, I’ve got to think WOW! I was really productive last year.

So, where does that leave me for 2016? I Need a Little Creative Planning

In a pretty good position, actually.  I’ve got several things that are nearly ready for release. Let me give you a rundown of what I’m thinking for this year. As you might expect, these are rough estimates. Plans may need to be shifted around due to time constraints.


Spring 2016 – Release of Shatter, Book 2 of the Unbreakable Bonds series.

Rinda and I are hard at work on this book. We’ve got over half of the story drafted and I am so in love. We are aiming to have an official release date to announce by the time I leave for Coastal Magic Convention.  So stay tuned…

Summer 2016 – Release of Stefan, spin-off from the Dark Days series

I wrote this on a whim and once I finished it, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I never intended to write a book that featured Stefan after the completion of the Dark Days series, but sometimes you get an idea that you just can’t shake. The book is written but I need to spend a month revising it. This book is definitely paranormal romance rather than urban fantasy, which is the Dark Days series. But it will still have my usual blood, action, and violence.

I have notes for a second book that would feature Nicolai. If there is enough interest in Stefan, then I will write Nicolai’s book. My current plan would be Stefan, Nicolai, Knox, and Valerio.

Fall 2016 – Release of Book 3 of the Unbreakable Bonds series

Nope. Not a crumb. Not a hint. Not a morsel. Yes, I know whose book is the third one. I even know the core of the plot, but I’m not giving that up yet. The end of January will be a mix of finishing up Shatter and then outlining book 3.

Winter 2016 – Release of Christmas romance

This was just supposed to be a long short story. A novella. The … thing… has stretched to 20,000 words and it’s not close to being done. I am hoping to clear the deck for a month in the summer so I can finish this story and have it ready before the beginning of December. I’ve fallen in love with the characters and I think it’s just a bit of fun.


As you can see, I have plenty to keep me busy through 2016 and I’m sure some of it will bleed straight into 2017.