It’s been crazy.

I haven’t meant to neglect my readers over on this website, but I have to admit that the majority of my attention recently has been directed toward getting my new series with Rinda Elliott off the ground and in front of readers.  Of course, launching a new book and/or series is always a huge endeavor. The big difference is that since we’ve independently released this series, we can actually see the sales in real time, we can see the impact of our marketing efforts. Which has resulted in a lot of late nights pushing, tweaking, re-calculating, scheming, planning, revising, more planning…

If you are curious about what I’m writing and working on, you can also catch me over at

But let’s back off the marketing for a bit.

Jocelynn, what the heck are you working on?shiver cover

The truth is… lots of things at the moment and I’m trying to edge them all a little bit closer to release.

  1. Shatter – Book 2 of the Unbreakable Bonds series. Rinda and I take turns with who is leading a rough draft of a book. I took the lead on Shiver, which essentially means that I tackled the first draft of most chapters. She then added a few more chapters, heavily revised the nonsense I wrote, and told me to go back and write some scene all over again. When I got it all back, I revised and then she revised. In summary, there was a lot of back and forth so that I really can’t tell who wrote what sentence.  Well, Shatter is starting to trickle in and I am so excited to jump on this book. We are aiming to have the book out in early 2016.


  1. Print copies of Shiver – speaking of Shiver, we nearly have the print copies ready. This was my first go at formatting and prepping a book on my own. I have ordered the proofs and if everything is good, we should have print editions available soon. I’m aiming to have it available by Bla
    ck Friday. (Fingers crossed.)


  1. Stefan – I finished a spin-off book from the Dark Days series that I’ve temporarily titled Stefan, mostly because it’s Stefan’s story. I am currently researching whether I would be able to independently release this book. It’s not quite as long as Nightwalker and definitely as more of a paranormal romance leaning than urban fantasy, but it was fun to revisit that world. I’ll keep you posted.nightwalker


  1. Italy – I have another contemporary romance that I’ve finished. This time it’s a m/m/f, but I’ve been undecided what to do with it. If I find a quiet spot later this summer, I will try to dive into revising that book and finding a home for that sweet story. I would like to work on it sooner, but scheduling is a bit of a problem at the moment. As soon as I get my revisions for Shatter back to Rinda, I need to start plotting Book 3 of Unbreakable Bonds since I’ll be taking the lead on that book. Amazingly, I already have 15,000 words written for that book.


  1. Short stories – As a gift to readers of Unbreakable Bonds, I’ve been working on a series of free short stories to follow the events of Shiver. I’ve written three or four so far. I’ve got to finished editing them and we will be releasing the first next week!


  1. Christmas on hold – I was working on a short story that wanted to be a novella that’s trying really damn hard to turn into a novel. It was going to be a Christmas story that I was going to put out in early December. Well, it’s mid-November and that darn story isn’t done yet. A mix of other distractions (see #1, 2, and 5) and just having a plotting issue means words just didn’t hit the page fast enough. There isn’t enough time to finish it in time for release this year, but with any luck, I’ll get it done in early 2016 and have it ready for next year’s holiday season. Lesson learned: Jocelynn needs to write her Christmas stories in freaking July.


  1. Mira or Gage: Because I feel like I’ve neglected my other, completed series, I think I can squeeze out a little time to write a new short story, but I’d like to hear from you. Would you like to read a new, fun story set in Mira’s world (Dark Days) or Gage’s world (Asylum Tales)? When it’s done, I’ll post it here for free. If you haven’t tried my vampire series yet, I just noticed that Nightwalker (Book 1) and Dayhunter (Book 2) of the Dark Days series have had their ebooks marked down to $2.99 each. Not a bad deal and it’s a great time to start the series if you haven’t already!