writingI’ve got the “day off.” Well, I’ve got the day off from my day job. I’ve taken a couple vacation days (since I was building up a considerable stockpile). Everyone has been asking me, what are you going to do for your day off? Go to the beach? Go up to Disney World?

I’ve decided to treat myself to my idea of heaven. With my laptop, headphones, notebook, and collection of colored pens, I’ve settled at a coffee shop just 10 minutes from home. I used to do this nearly every weekend  when I lived back in Kentucky, but I’ve found in the past few years it’s been harder to get away from the house. It was just easier to open the laptop and just start working where I was.

But with the husband at work, I’ve got some time to myself to do as I please without having to worry about another thing.

So I’ve found my spot by the window with my coffee and toasted plain bagel. I’ve got my laptop and my notebook. I’ve opted for headphones because this coffee shop plays an easy-listening muzak crap rather than the classical musical my old coffee shop played. Today, I’m listening to Jesper Kyd’s score to Assassin’s Creed II. (I have written so many books to that score!)

And today’s projects?

I’ve got some work to do for the release of Shiver (which is very soon on October 27). But for the first couple hours today, I’m working on one of my own stories. It’s a gay romance with a Christmas theme. I’m thinking that’s going to either be a long novella or a short novel and I’d like to release it for Christmas this year… but we’ll see. The Unbreakable Bonds series comes first and I’ll be getting chapters to work on for the second book in the series very soon.

Speaking of Unbreakable Bonds, I have also been working on some free short stories that will released after Shiver. They will be set after the events of the first book but before the events of the second book. You know, just a little something to tide you over until the release of the second book. I’ve got three written so far and I’m hoping to finish a fourth before the release of Shiver.

It might be my day off, but I’ve got plenty of work to keep me busy.