counting downI know what you’re thinking…. I enjoyed the Perfect Day Off and then just never came back. The truth is that I have been buried under an enormous mound of work recently I am only now starting to see the light of day again. So let me get you up to date and explain how I’m counting doshare a few pictures along the way.

Last week, I was in the Bahamas. And yes, I was working the entire time.  No, it’s true. You can work while on a tropical island. The key is to not go to the beach, not go to the pool, and generally not leave the hotel. During the past week, I worked at a financial conference as their on-the-ground reporter, taking notes in sessions and sending back articles about what I saw and heard.  It was a lot of fun and very informative. In addition, I was able to meet some amazing people. Plus it was an accent extravaganza. I met people from Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Uruguay, and the U.K. I think there’s some I’m still missing, but I just kind of tucked it all away in my brain for future books.

When the conference was finally over, I did manage to get to the Fish Fry with some friends for some wonderful shrimp and conch and some drinks. There might have also been a few more drinks and a showing of Magic Mike XXL.

But I am home again and Rinda and I are preparing for the release of Shiver at long last! It comes out next Tuesday and we are so excited. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book yet and were waiting to hear what reviews had to say, the first two have hit the Internet. To click to read the review by I Smell Sheep and the review by Gay Book Reviews.

What’s more, this week and next Rinda and I are releasing sneak peeks of the book. This will be your chance to read exclusive snippets of the book! Just go to You can also go to the Unbreakable Bonds Series page to get all the information currently available on the series.

As an added bonus, when I was creating the final edition of Shiver, I included a sneak peek of our second book at the end. We are aiming to have that book out in early 2016. For more details on getting your copy of Shiver, click here.