In 2010, I was finishing up the final book in the Dark Days series, preparing to say good-bye to characters that I’d worked with for approximately six years, and I needed to work on a new project. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted something completely different from Mira, Danaus, and the rest of the gang who had traveled the globe. I wanted to laugh more. I wanted to bend magic and play with more paranormal creatures than I’d ever dared to before. I didn’t want just vampires and werewolves. No, I wanted to play with sirens, elves, incubi, trolls, ogres, pixies, and heaven only knows what else. What’s more, I didn’t want them all living in hiding, pretending that the humans were walking around the world with their eyes closed. No, these sirens, trolls, and shifters were living right next door to the humans. From there, the Asylum Tales was born.Angels Ink

Gage Powell was born in my fevered little brain with a mix of laughter in his heart, sarcasm on his tongue, and a mind filled with magic. And when he had a horrible falling out with the witches and warlocks who were trying to crush all the species filling the world, Gage went into hiding and became a potion-stirring tattoo artist. His best friends are an incubus and a troll. His girlfriend… she’s an elf pretending to be a human.

As you might expect when you throw a world together with all types of magical creatures and relics, you get regular craziness that is so much fun. Running with Gage as he fights vampires, dark elves, warlocks, and even the Grim Reaper. has been a wonderful adventure.

And then you get to know Gage and you learn the incredible lengths that he will go to in order to protect his friends and the town that he care so much about.

Curious yet?Dead Mans Deal

The great thing is that now is a perfect time to start this series if you haven’t given it a try yet. The series has six individual stories, detailing the crazy world of Low Town, the Ivory Towers, Asylum Tattoo Parlor, and so much more, and all the stories are on sale now.

The first story is The Asylum Interviews: Bronx. A novella that tells the story of how Gage came to hire Bronx, the troll, while at the same time helping an incubus with his complicated love life using an equality complicated tattoo.

The second story is The Asylum Interviews: Trixie. Another novella, this story shows readers how Gage met Trixie and helped save Gage’s ex-girlfriend, a vampire who is having some problems with her new nest.

The first full-length novel is Angel’s Ink. Gage attempts to help a poor dying woman by giving her a special tattoo that has some extremely screwed up results. At the same time, he’s dealing with a nasty someone who has figured out Gage’s dirty secret. Oh… and Gage finally tries to do something about his love life, or maybe his lack of a love life.

The second full-length novel is Dead Man’s Deal. The stakes are even higher for the second book. A power-mad elf has trapped Gage in an ugly spot, endangering his family and his friends. Of course, he isn’t busy enough. Trixie is trying to finally get free of the man who is chasing her but Gage has to strike a deal with the man’s wife. In this journey to find a cure to a witch’s curse, he meets a soul from his future.Demon's Vengeance

Take a quick side trip in a short story from the Blood by Moonlight anthology. It’s All Hallows Eve and the Low Town shifters are about to go to war with the Winter Court. Gage and Trixie step up to help Jack and the shifters, but it could come at a high price for Gage.

The Final Asylum Tales novel was released in three parts as Demon’s Fury, Demon’s Vow, and Inner Demon. It was later release both in e-book and print as a single combined book called Demon’s Vengeance. Gage is about to go on one last journey as he takes on two different killers while searching for the one magical trick that will protect the one person he loves in the world. Can Gage save Low Town and his love before it is too late?

Now is the best time to start the Asylum Tales