I thought I would take a moment to wander down memory lane and pick out some of my favorite Asylum Tales characters or creatures.

I love working on the Asylum Tales series because it gave me free rein to include any fantastical creature that crossed my mind. I’ve got collections of books on legends, myths, and fairy tales from around the world. Gage had a chance to meet them all.

Dead Mans DealFavorite Asylum Tales Characters

Lori the Lorialet (originally appeared in Dead Man’s Deal) – I will admit that I first thought of Lori while I was working on the Dark Days series, but I just couldn’t work him into the series. He wasn’t a good fit. However, when Gage had to confront the Summer Elves for Trixie’s freedom, it seemed only fitting that Lori might be found among their people.

A lorialet is where the term lunatic comes from. The children of Selene, goddess of the moon, they are the daydreams and artisans of the world. Their style of dress is somewhat bohemian and they have slow, meandering manner to them. I can think of nothing that would hurry them along. They had a sort of detached feeling to them and some part of them longs to return to the moon and stars. Lori was Trixie’s mentor when she lived amo
ng her people and he had fond memories of her.

Lori also has a knack for driving Gage insane. The young tattoo artist is always in a rush. The world is constantly threatening to come apart around him and he is the only one who can save it all. Lori can’t grasp Gage’s need to rush but he wants to help Trixie.

Trixie short story final coverThe Gargoyles (originally appeared in The Asylum Interviews: Trixie) were an interesting surprise. I needed someone who saw everything within the city and yet managed to go unseen. I’ve wanted to write about gargoyles for a long time in an urban fantasy but hadn’t had the chance yet. I wish I could have done more with them, particularly since they have such a tragic story, but there’s only so much ground you can cover in a short story. However, I was glad I could include their unique preference for cereal.

Jackson Wagnalls (aka Jack) came around in the end. Of all the minor characters, he’s the one who had managed to sneak a part in all three novels as well as one short story. Sure, I can understand why Jack might have an issue with Gage after the Chihuahua incident, but the werewolf had it coming. I think at his heart, Jack is a good guy and if there were ever time in my writing schedule, I’d love to give the man his own book, if only so he could find his own happy ending. The werewolf Alpha cares for his pack and is trying his best to protect them. He also cares for his city. But it’s hard being a good guy when you’ve got the Towers pressing down on you and a dark elf mafia boss calling the shots.

Chang was so dear to my heart. I think that might be why he appeared in nearly every Asylum Tales story that was released. He was wily, brilliant, funny, and the old black market dealer had nearly everything you could think of in his giant treasure trove of goods. Need a flying carpet? Shards of a Leprechaun’s rainbow? Excalibur? A pirate’s treasure map? Aladdin’s lamp? The man had it and would sell it to you for a price. But Chang had something far more important to offer Gage than hidden and lost treasures. Chang was a source of boundless wisdom for Gage. Much like Gideon, Chang became a reality check for the tattoo artist. He help Gage find perspective, direction, and hope.Demon's Vengeance

And before you ask: Yes, you will find out what Chang is in the Demon’s Vengeance.

Bronx. Bronx, Bronx, Bronx. I have a serious soft spot for the troll. I never expected him to be quite so wonderful. I mean, he’s a troll. He’s big, ugly, brutish. But he has the soul of a poet and the mind of a scholar. When you expect him to break into a scene, smashing everything in sight, he uses his brain and thinks his way out of a dangerous situation. He is one of the truest friends for Gage through the entire series. He would go to the end of the Earth for Gage without hesitating, and I think he knows that Gage would do the same for him.

Outside of Gage — who is naturally my ultimate favorite Asylum Tales character — these have been some of my favorite Asylum Tales characters. Who was your favorite character from the series?