pathI love books.  They take you down the strangest path at times. I would imagine that you love books too considering that you’re here most likely because you’ve read my books.  It’s more than just loving books. I love a good story. I love stories of love, vengeance, struggle, violence, misunderstanding, destruction, chaos, heartbreak, and triumph.  It doesn’t matter if the story is about warlocks, vampires, Victorian lords, fallen kings, mythical worlds, or places far in the deep reaches of space.

As a lover of great stories, I’ve found myself chasing after these great stories as a writer. And it has taken me to some amazing places and down one odd path after another.

Down the Rabbit Hole

When I first started writing books in my teens, I wrote high school romances between the geek and the ultra hot jock that everyone adored.  I also started writing fantasy novels with complex world of my own creation. I loved writing about magic and the danger that came with working in a magical realm.

In college, I started reading historical romances again and I found myself writing historical romances again filled with misunderstandings and complex social rules.

And then a short time later, I tumbled into the realm of urban fantasy. I loved writing about vampires, werewolves, and warlocks. I loved their rough world filled with violence and power.  These creatures have their own societies and rules buried within the everyday world. It was in this world that I met Mira and Danaus from the Dark Days series.  It gave me the chance to meet twisted characters such as Sadira and Rowe, and I was able to travel in a way to Venice, Machu Picchu and Luxor.

When it was time to say goodbye to Mira, I met Gage and his crew at Asylum. I entered a work of magic through tattoos and the violence that flowed down from the Ivory Towers.  Angel’s Ink was a thrill to write and Dead Man’s Deal with a gut punch. But it was Demon’s Vengeance that broke my heart. But you have to be willing to follow the characters where they will lead you. It’s not always easy, but I enjoyed my journey with Gage.

The Road Less Traveled

After Gage and Mira, I knew I needed to try something new. I’d written two urban fantasy series and after the deluge of urban fantasy that had hit the market, I didn’t feel like I had a lot that was new to say. That’s not to say that I won’t think of something eventually. Trust me, I’ll find my way back to vampires.  Just not right now.

It was time to take a new path.

A friend introduced me to a genre of romance that I hadn’t tried reading yet: male/male romantic suspense. The truth was that I’d gotten tired of contemporary romance. I was having trouble with my suspension of disbelief. I’d read too many books where the handsome billionaire who is running the multi-trillion dollar company falls head over heels in love with the perky but troubled girl and drops everything to pursue her. While adorable, I just couldn’t believe it. For me, it was time to find a new trope.

My friend, Rinda Elliott, gave me piles of books to read and I absolutely devoured them. I loved the characters, the drama, and the mystery. And then there was this extra layer of tension…something I had’t quite seen in female/male romances.  Something almost undefinable that I simply longed to capture in my own writing.

So… like any good writer, I grabbed Rinda and said that we needed to write a series together.  Neither of us had ever co-authored books before so there was a log that we both needed to figure out, but we had a love of this genre that we simply wanted to try to write.

Months later, our first book is nearly done. I’m on the path of writing m/m romantic suspense and loving every second of it.  I understand that never everyone who read my urban fantasy books will follow me down this path, but that’s OK. Keep your ears open and pop back to visit me every once in a while. I’m sure I’ll have something new for you again.