It’s hard to believe, but today is my four-year wedding anniversary. There are moments when it feels like we’ve always been together and there are times when it feels as if we’ve been married only the blink of an eye.  While we were unable to get away for a special vacation this year, I’m hoping that we can do a second honeymoon-type getaway when we have our five- year anniversary.

So, I asked my husband, where he’d like to go for a romantic honeymoon in a couple years.  His reply?  “I’m happy wherever we are so long as I’m with you.”  Yep, that’s why we work so well together, my friends.  But after a little prodding, I did get a few suggestions from him.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Mr. and Mrs. Jocelynn Drake’s Top 5 Romantic Getaways

5. Paris, FranceParis

Personally, I’d rather this be a little closer to the top of the list, but my husband isn’t ecstatic about the idea of going to Paris. I visited while I was in high school as part of an exchange program. It was beautiful but we were on this insane, busy itinerary.  I’d love for us to go and spend a week wandering around the city, eating amazing food, and enjoy being in the old City of Light and the City of Love.  I’d love to stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower with my husband,  have our portraits drawn at Montmartre, and stroll along the Seine.

4. ScotlandScotland

Sorry, I can’t be more specific than the entire country, but come on… it’s SCOTLAND.  I’m talking ancient castles, rolling green hills, bagpipes, kilts, amazing accents, and rich history. (And yes, my husband has said that he would be happy to wear a kilt. And yes, he does have the legs for it.) I have never been to Scotland but every picture I’ve seen and every person I’ve talked to has convinced me that I need to visit this lovely land.

3. TahitiTahiti-Beach-Wallpaper

It’s a gorgeous island surrounded by crystal blue water and white beaches.  And do you know what’s even better?  It’s in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t imagine being able to get farther from the world we know.  In a perfect little vacation, we’d lock up laptops and smart phones in a safe and wouldn’t touch them until we were packing to leave.  It would be time where we were completely out of contact from the world.  It would be time of swimming, snorkeling, boating, lounging on the beach, and just enjoying being together in an exquisite setting.  No social media. No deadlines. Yeah, that sounds like a nice slice of heaven to me.

Florence2. Florence, Italy

Okay, so there are a lot of places that I’d love to go in Italy, but Florence is at the top of both my list and my husband’s.  Why?  Well, we’ve got to lay the blame at the feet of Ezio Auditorre de Firenze. Who?  The charming, devilish Italian who appears in three Assassin’s Creed games.  My husband played the games and then promptly introduced them to his lovely wife, who became addicted as well.  We’ve both wandered the streets and rooftops of Renaissance Italy in the video game.  We’ve swapped stories and marveled over images that have become ingrained in our brains. This is one of those magical places where we will wander hand in hand, staring in quiet awe at the history that has seeped into every building and work of art.  Of course, since it’s Italy, so we will eat and eat and eat. Heaven!

1. HawaiiHawaii

We vacationed in Hawaii. We got married in Hawaii. And it’s currently our #1 choice to go to spend our five-year anniversary. The people were wonderfully nice and polite.  The scenery was beautiful. The food was excellent.  I’d love to go back and wander around the island some more in a rented car.  I’d love to have our vows renewed one morning on the beach before heading out for a day of snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins.  In the evening, we’ll enjoy a luau and dancing under the stars while listening to the waves washing in against the beach.

Those are our top 5 Romantic Getaways for Adorable Couples.  Is there anything we’ve missed?  Where would like like to go for a romantic getaway?